Moe lighting

If you are remodeling or decorating a mid century home, I highly recommend that you consider searching out and adding authentic vintage lighting as part of your project. Vintage lighting still is abundant — and can be found at affordable prices. Just be sure, if you are going the vintage route, that you have your lighting inspected by a properly licensed professional and rewired as necessary. Moe Lighting is one of the big-name manufacturers from the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, and even earlier. On this page, I will archive catalogs in my collection, along with some of the best examples that I spot on ebay and etsy (and for which I can obtain photo-use permissions.) If you have an example, contact me, I’d love to include it. Let’s get started:

moe chandelier brutalist 1973brutalist wall sconce moebrutalist

Above: My head started to spin when I spotted this chandelier, sconce and pendant — New Old Stock. 1970s.



moe-light moe-light-airplane moe-light-airplane moe airplane lightAbove: A Moe “airplane” light, photos used courtesy ebay seller 778sandra.

Slide show of 1969 Moe product catalog:

Complete slide show of Moe lights spotted for sale: