Vintage Lightolier lighting

I associate Lightolier as one of the big names in residential lighting in the 1960s and 1970s in particular. But, the company’s lights started way earlier than that, and the company endures today. In this special archive, I will feature Lightolier catalogs from my collection, along with photos of lovely examples of “real” lights spotted on ebay and etsy. I am a huge fan of using vintage lighting in your vintage and mid century homes. Vintage lights are not only “authentic”, they can be found very affordably — usually more affordable than “new” including reproductions. Also, I tend to think the quality is better. However: If you do go the vintage route, be sure to have any lighting you acquire inspected by a properly licensed professional, who can guide you as to rewiring requirements. Renovate safe!

vintage lightolierAbove: Howdy, pardner! I’m quite partial to western style lighting. I would put these in a knotty pine den full of whiskey barrel furniture, hey, why not! Photos featured with permission from ebay seller gnb_43.




Photos used with permission from Ebay seller wyndorf25. Description of lights from the ebay listing:

Set of 4 unique lightolier sconces from a condemned movie theater in Danbury, CT.  The mid-century modern lighting experts I spoke to about these sconces say they are probably the only ones ever made.

The shield is made of aluminum with a brass finish and the feathers are solid brass.  Some of the lights have some minor chipping of the brass finish on the aluminum shield.  One light has minor indents.  Each light measures 49inches long x 16.5 inches wide x 7inches deep.



Photos used with permission from an Ebay seller who wishes to remain unamed. From the listing description:

Set of (4) matching hanging ceiling light fixtures.  These are probably 60’s era?  All have a tag that states, “ELECTRIC FIXTURE” “LIGHTOLIER” #19146.  These are definitely commercial grade fixtures that have a high quality standard.  The glass sphere is solid glass is with air bubbles systematically arranged within.  A standard 25 watt flame bulb is located within the black metal cylinder.  The glass sphere is about 4-1/2″ in diameter.  All lights have direct wiring where they would be hooked up in a junction box on the ceiling.  The wiring would all be hooked in a series so that all will light with the flip of one switch.  The black cylinder and the large 6-1/4″ diameter finish plate are all brass.  The pictures do not do these fixtures justice at all, or display the real genuine quality that is present.  They really are gorgeous! I can tell you that each light, yes each light weighs just slightly less than 7 pounds!  I’ve listed the (4) lights that are absolutely free of any dings, dents, or chips in the heavy glass.  Each light from the bottom of the sphere to the top black cylinder is about 11″ long.  Approximately 3-1/2″ of heavy electrical cord extends from the top of the cylinder to the top where the brass plate mounts on the ceiling.

Our complete archive slide show of vintage Lightolier lighting:

  1. Ciro Gutierrez says:

    Hi i have a 1977 lightolier 12 ribbed cup light one of them broke where can i buy replacemenr or a place that would make one thanks

  2. Simone says:


    Have you ever seen a sound-sensitive light made by Lightolier? It is shaped like a cube…

    Thank you!


  3. George Hebda says:

    I have some vintage if not antique lightolier fixtures from what seems to be the 30’s. I have one or two still in original packaging and a catalogue from the 30’s most of them are ceiling fixtures some wall. I was wondering if there is a market for these and where i should look for pricing.

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