50s style NuTone Ceiling/Wall Fan solves your exhaust issues

nutone exhaust fans

Yes, vintage-style ceiling/wall exhaust fans are still available. We installed this Nutone model above our kitchen stove, in exactly the same spot we tore out an old, plastic one.

Amazon link:

There are enough CFM’s (exhaust of air) to meet current code in our state – so we didn’t need a range hood, which would have looked out of sorts. Also – this exhaust fan was much less expensive than a range hood. Great find!

Also – I’ve seen these installed in the wall, where they can look great. And, they can be installed in bathrooms, but not above the tub/shower, the instructions say.

Note: Current models today come with a plastic cover. We have two other sources for satin chrome and New Old Stock chrome covers that should work as replacements for the plastic cover. Check sizes.

And: These New Old Stock Emerson Pryne covers — click here to see our story and get to the source — can be made to fit too:

vintage fan grille


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  1. Cory says

    If you’re going for the exhaust fan, better start looking now. The latest revision uses a plastic grille. The good news? The stainless grilles (both the “round” and “round in a square” covers) still bolt into place if you have one (or can find one separately).

  2. Nick says

    I have a nutone kitchen fan from the 1960’s and I want to change the grille to one that looks more attractive. I want a replica of the “Climax” kitchen fan model (made in the 50’s by phillip carey mfg. co)
    the grille looks like the nutone fan grilles of the 1970’s the three prongs with the ring around it kind of design. Is there any company that can custom make a grille like that? It is a shame there are not many kitchen fans around anymore, especially replacement fans!

  3. says

    Nick, if you google nutone repair, there’s a company R&I that may have replacement grilles. I don’t have any reco’s about other replica’s though. Do you have an image/ad of what you’re looking for? It would be good to see. Also – tell R&I that they should advertise on this blog. They don’t believe me.

  4. sablemable says

    In my 1955 built ranch, the original NuTone hood range and wall fan are still there, still in terrific condition and still work. I had contacted the NuTone company and a rep advised they can still provide parts for these classics.

  5. Terri H-D says

    How well does that NuTone fan work? We have a ceiling fan (original fixture; newer/weaker motor) in our 1959 kitchen that is marginally better than useless. Considering a hood, but that causes other logistical nightmares.

  6. Elmer Ducheck says

    Hi, I have a Philip Carey bathroom exhaust fan and am having a problem with the motor. I am not sure the year of the fan. The fan model number is 40. The motor is an electrohome model 2868-403-004, serial 7-69 852
    Is this motor still available for replacement ? I am in the Toronto Ontario Canada area. would appreciate any info.

  7. Jean Hilde says

    Hi Pam!
    I’m looking for a through-wall exhaust fan for my kitchen and can’t find a thing! Everyone uses hoods, I guess. I’m wondering if you have any resources you can recommend? I’m making myself crazy with the search! 🙂

    • pam kueber says

      use the search box, comes right up — Nutone exhaust fan, order chrome(ish) cover as a replacement part

      or watch my ebay carousels for New Old Stock real deal one I always post them – then make sure you get the wiring checked

  8. toni p says

    where could I order this chrome grill fan for my kitchen wall under my kitchen cuboards. only need the cover with grill inside, no motor

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