Smaller Emerson-Pryne exhaust fan covers — plus some squares — now on ebay

vintage fan grilleThe good folks at the now-defunct House of Fans keep going through boxes of New Old Stock Emerson-Pryne exhaust fan covers salvaged as they were forced to move out of their bricks-and-mortar location. They have now unpacked and have for sale:

  • 117 of the smaller, 8.5″ diamater exhaust fan covers
  • Seven of the squared-off-ish exhaust fan covers — shown above — yum!
  • And more 12″-ers.
  • (See our previous story on how to pair these with new Nutone housings.)

Get ’em while you can, the (affiliate) link is here –> Three sizes and styles of New Old Stock Emerson Pryne grille vent covers from House of Fans

  1. Charley Randolph says:

    Our kitchen has a nutone wall fan next to the stove with a circle in square grille that has been painted several times. We would like to get a chrome or brushed aluminum/nickel grille. The existing grille measures 13-1/4″ x 13-1/4″ outside dimension with a 10-1/4″ diameter circle inside. Any hope for us, or should we try to strip all the paint from the existing grille?

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Oh and whether there’s hope for finding a new one: I would think so — start stalking ebay.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Lisa, we do not sell anything here. You need to click through to the ebay link. I still see some 8.5″ ones available.

    1. pam kueber says:

      If they are no longer on ebay, they are likely now gone from this seller. Although you could always contact them (via the existing ebay listing) to see if there are any left. Other than that, I think you need to hunt vintage.

  2. Karin says:

    Be still my beating heart! That squared off model is deco heaven. I may spring for that for the bathroom in my mom’s house or even another decorative one for my kitchen. Pictures don’t do them justice. They are so beautiful when installed. This weekend, we finally installed the HOF chrome grille in our condo bathroom after ordering it last year. Looks fantastic! It was a unique situation, because we couldn’t put in a ceiling fan. We’re not allowed to have a ceiling fan in our bathroom because it’s a multifloor condo and the duct leads up to the roof. It’s a vent that accumulates dust from outside and has to be cleaned weekly. So with the round filter that fits it that I ordered, we have a beautiful and clean vent that keeps out the dust so much better than the inefficient original one. At first, we couldn’t figure out how to attach the grille without the fan. I didn’t want to drill holes into the lovely grille. However, a previous RR story about the guy who installed one in his bathroom was a great help. He mentioned lamp parts for his installation. Suddenly it clicked. I went to my cache of vintage lamps, unscrewed the harp and finial cap off an old lamp, and lo and behold, we installed it securely and easily over a square hole where the old ceiling duct vented to the roof. The harp adjusts to fit into the space and holds it in place quite securely. The brass finial cap from the vintage lamp went into the round center perfectly. I sprayed it with chrome paint, and voila!
    I’m sharing this because there may be other folks who want to install these grilles without the fan. RR and HOF, thank you for all the posts about these awesome grilles. LOVE these.

  3. Sam R says:

    I need to get around to ordering several of those fans. My dad’s veterinary office, which he built in 1974, has chrome squared-off Miami-Carey exhaust fan covers, and he said that he’d trade me for the white plastic covers that come with the fans. Since my house has original square inset ceiling lights in the bathrooms, square is good for fan covers…

  4. Scott says:

    Wow, that square version is stunning.

    And I’m happy to report that my fans adorned by the round version are finally properly vented out through the roof.

        1. oh Holland says:

          Nope. The square ones are goners — were early on. I tracked Emerson Pryne on eBay hoping for grilles to fit my vents and saw these when they first came up, so scored the two I wanted. Only the circular ones remain … unless the seller uncovers more from the motherlode.

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