Get your NOS vintage exhaust fan grille cover while the gettin’ is good

emerson pryne fan coverImportant product update for detail-oriented Retro Renovators: House of Fans is closing its retail location end of this month, Jan. 31, 2015 ish. The company does plan on continuing to sell its existing stock of New Old Stock (NOS) Emerson Pryne fan covers — (Scott’s completed install, shown above) — online. Even so, I think it’s always wise to JUMP on this stuff while the bird is in hand. Which is like NOW. Come on. These beautiful birdies only cost like $35. Hoard yours without delay!

I still need to get one to replace the satin chrome-finish grille cover that came with my Nutone exhaust fan. Shiny chrome = authentic vintage.

House of Fans has a goodly amount of inventory left — a couple of hundred even maybe. As soon as they have their online sales set up, they will they will call me. I will do an update story. Note, they are closing their brick and mortar operations only because their building has new owners. The new owners have plans for the space, so all tenants must exit.

House of Fans’ website already has been taken offline.

To reach them to nab your grille cover now, you must call — (415) 885-1947.

Our original story — which includes info on how to pair these grille covers with Nutone exhaust fan units:

  1. Donna says:

    (not to be used over cook tops) Both the 8210 and 8310 say this. Does that mean you cannot install it over your stove, how far can it be from the stove to be effective?

  2. Andrew Milmoe says:

    Hmmm… I need a chrome Air King exhaust fan.

    Perhaps there’s a way to refurbish the one I have?

    (PS: it would be cool if it was possible to post photos…)

    1. pam kueber says:

      Watch ebay like a hawk. A NOS Ventrola just came and went last week. Photos: Post to a photo sharing site then paste the url here.

  3. Mike and Lindsey says:

    Shoot! Called them today to order one but got their “out of business” VM. they say they will check the VM periodically and will reply if appropriate.. hope I get a call back

  4. Carolin says:

    This post motivated me to clean up my Nutone fan in the kitchen and finally figure out whether it vented to the outside. It came up looking like brand new – I honestly don’t think it had been cleaned since the house was built in ’66! Still not sure if it vents outside. We did confirm there is duct work that goes upwards. Unfortunately there’s a second floor and flat roof above so the mystery is still not solved.

  5. Telynau says:

    Oh My! I have two of these fans; one in each bathroom. They even have the heating elements. And they still work. Just need to climb up there and blow some of the dust, crud, and years of cigarette smoke residue out of them.

    I knew from research the fan manufacturer was no longer in business. Wish I’d found this Web site earlier on. Having a replacement hood is a good idea.

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