Toilets for a 50s retro bathroom

I could name every toilet at 100 yards, when I was in the market a few years ago. As with everything, I searched endlessly to find a model to replicate the original 50s toilets in my 3 bathrooms. Alas, most everything was “Victoriana on steroids.” Ultimately, I chose Kohler Wellworth, which was streamlined, simple & with good flush ratings(!)

I am very happy. I ordered white, with a chrome handle, and white toilet seats also with chrome attachments. Also: “NO!” to one-piece or elongated, you must get “two-piece, round bowl.” And as I mentioned, this model has done well in testing, as there can be issues with these low flow models. I think Congress is considering the issue. I am serious!

There are other options out there – from Gerber and Toto – that also get good ratings and which have a similar, simple design. I approve.

Finally, if you’re doing a 60s bathroom retro renovation, the one piece elongateds fit fine in there. In fact, I love them as part of a suite of grey fixtures, as one example.


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  1. Megan says

    I have two Kohler Wellworths in very vintage bathrooms and they blended with the era wonderfully. One is in a bathroom with yellow sink and tub and the other is in an all white suite. They are a bargain for how well they work, too. I plan to buy another one in my next house. I agree, “no elogated bowl or one piece toilets for a period home!”

  2. JAson says

    Hello All,

    I’ve seen mention that if you have a 1950’s house that you MUS have a two piece toilet. Well, I wish to add that this appears not necessarily true. My Fall & Winter 1957 Sears Roebuck & Co catalog on page 1316 has a toilet under the heading:
    OUR BEST TOILET: Low and Modern. In White or Harmony House colors. It is a One Piece round bowl toilet with a low tank that only rises a few inches above the seat with a toggle flush on the left front.

    Also, in my Fall & Winter 1960 Montgomery Ward catalog, on page 760-761, they offer a similar low tank, one piece toilet in their new Fairway line in white, Blue, Coral, Green or yellow. oh..12″ rough in.

    Not trying to make an argument, but if one likes these type of toilets or has a small space, these type were definitely available at least as early as 1957. Searching earlier catalogs may offer more info.

    So, relax……and have a seat!

  3. Colvin says

    What is the best website to go to, to find toilets that hang on the wall. It is for a home, my friend has them and one has a small crack and needs replacing. It looks much like a commercial toilet.

    • Jim says

      Would also like to know of any sources for American Standard toilets that hang on the wall. My mother-in-law has needs to replace one in a magnificent home they built in 1950, and has been told by a plumber that “it’s impossible.” Hers is almost a pumpkin color, and is a two-piece unit. Thanks much!

  4. says

    It sucks this has been discontinued. I have looked at so many toilets and sinks, my eyes are bleeding. Our 40’s bathroom is TINY and we need a small (less than 20 inches) sink. Currently we have to walk into the room sideways because the sink is too big. Does anyone have sources to a small vintage look sink and similiar style toiled as above that is available now?

  5. Susan says

    Please tell me if anyone specializes in repair of old toilets (1950s American Standard in ming green). I live in Providence, RI.

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