Oh so groovy St. Charles kitchen cabinets – for sale on the Forum

vintage st. charles steel kitchen cabinets

vintage st. charles steel kitchen cabinetsvintage st. charles steel kitchen cabinetsThese are fabulous. And there are 40+ to sell — including a ton of bases and walls — pantries with locks and lined shelves — some refrigerators — all St. Charles’. The groovy wall cabinets with the lime trim are all steel, the seller in Mt. Kisco, NY, assures. And though I don’t want to seem ungrateful to the decorating gods — these are even more tremendous than my aquamarine Genevas. See more photos on the Forum. SNAP THEM UP, retro renovators!


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  1. 50sPam says

    Tara, go to the Postwar Steel Forum along the top navigation bar. Note, I just saw these cabinets come up AGAIN on craigslist – so I think they are still available. They are awesome ones! Let me know how it turns out! – Pam

  2. says

    OH what I would give for Pantrys with LOCKS! My children are currently wrought with fear at the idea, but imagine being able to keep them from eating all the chocolate chips before I get them into the cookies. Oh it’s a dream come true! 🙂

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