Texas Julie spots a gorgeous Beauty Craft kitchen – maybe still for the taking?

vintage Beauty Craft cabinets

vintage Beauty Craft cabinetsvintage Beauty Craft cabinetsTo go with our Beauty Queen story above, Texas Julie sends these great photos of a Beauty Craft kitchen that she spotted at a Dallas salvage place a few months a go. Here’s what Julie writes:

Pam! Look at these great cabinets I saw a couple months ago at a salvage yard…need some work, but GREAT GREEN!! holy cow, i want them! $2500, in Dallas. probably long gone by now, but i had to share.

I love salvage yards…I hate to tell where these are in case I decide to go get ’em! Ha. I tried to talk my husband into them…but so far, no dice. Pretty cheap price, huh? They are at DHW Salvage on Empire Central in Dallas. Or were, anyway.

Have fun!!! 😀

Thanks, Julie. And notice, y’all, the trim at the top of the sink base. This appears to be just like the trim on the possible-Youngstowns listed on the Forum this weekend – the ones from Virginia Beach. Looks like those Youngstowns are Beauty Craft’s after all, and we now have a way to identify this brand, at least in this iteration.


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  1. connie says

    i have a set of these in white with double sink, drop in range and wall oven marked sears and roebuck all have serial #’s would love to find them a home

  2. McFish says

    Connie…are you Texan? I’m looking for some metal cabinets to go along with my remodel in Austin. Anybody else? Leads on cabinets? I’m willing to travel for them!

  3. 50sPam says

    Hi McFish — be sure to see the Postwar Steel Forum on the upper nav bar – far right. It is chock full of cabinets for sale across the U.S. – and you can post your search there, too!

  4. Steve Jackson says

    Hi Mcfish. I have a set of aqua mint cabs total of 16 cabs with lazy susan ,wall oven cab and LH brand oven {works great}andexhaust fan .I’m located in Maryland near DC.Steve Jackson

  5. junklover says

    Thanks for the location – we are doing a bath remodel and am looking for a place in dallas to rummage !!

  6. Kim says

    I have a 1953 Beauty Craft kitchen, looks very much like the one shown above except in off-white. I want to replace the cabinet pulls but they are4 1/4″ on center, not a standard size. Anybody have any idea where I can find some? I need 32. The ones in this photo are chrome and would be perfect. Mine are wood.

  7. David A. Grywalski says

    Looking for a republic steel (or similar) 23″long x 24″deep x 36″height kitchen cabinet with either doors, drawers, or combination of both doors and drawers

    Thank You

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