Retro bathroom sinks still available from Kohler

retro bathroom 50s bathroom

50s bathroom retro bathroomToday, it’s a complete look at Kohler sinks suitable for your 50s bathroom retro reno.

Most 2008-design sinks are either very minimalistic (a simple round bowl mounted under solid surface) or…Victoriana on steroids. 50s style bathroom sinks are a sweet…or streamlined.

Fortunately, Kohler has an array of sinks appropriate for retro reno’s. You can see the classic “Tahoe metal frame” in the 1959 bathroom above — and below in today’s portfolio. Scroll over each thumbnail image for the model-name. I used Tahoe sans frame, and Thoreau, in two of my three bathrooms:

radiant1.jpgpennington.jpglarkspur.jpglady-vanity.jpgfarmington.jpgellipse.jpgthoreau.jpgtahoe-metal-frame.jpgtahoe.jpgmens lav


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  1. Kitschy Kimberly says

    Oddly enough I am liking the shape and style of the men’s lavoratory model. Not sure that I know what all the knobs are for though lol.

  2. David Conwill says

    Just discovered *this* post (just discovered the whole website today). Our mid-century bathroom boasts a Kohler “Lady Vanity.” Fascinating to learn they’re still made.

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