Leslie’s kitschy dreamboat time capsule in California

We have a new reader, LA Leslie, who loves wacky ebay items – and her wonderful 60s groove pad. And what’s not to love? I want a conversation pit surrounded by wrought iron railings!

Click here for Leslie’s story — and her swimming pool, built-in bar, exterior and more!

Leslie writes:

Hello there,

By chance I stumbled upon your website and I am hooked! I am amazed at your kitchen and did not realize that there were more than one steel company that made those cabinets. I know about Youngstown because there is a dealer in Sacramento who is the “expert” on them and has several full kitchens! We live in the Knollwood section of Granada Hills actually right down the road from Greg. I must say if we did not have kids our house would totally look like his… ha ha! I LOVE driving down Woodley and spotting his house as it always brings a smile to my face. I always feel we are the only ones crazy enough to live in a time capsule, but I am learning more and more there are OTHERS!!!!! Before kids we used to go on 5 or 6 road trips a year scouring the US for all things cool, modern and 50’s/60’s. Now we are limited to 1 trip to Kansas City a year, local swap meets and Ebay/Craigslist (I never seems to search the correct terms and get the idea of “buried” stuff). OMG I am totally rambling, but just wanted to let you know I got such a kick out of checking out your site. We will soon be granted historical designation as the newest house in LA country for the most pristine example of a mid century ranch house. We have the plans, original photos and all the documentation on the house. It’s a long story how we got it, but the short version is we randomly came across it (it’s out of the way) 3 1/2 years ago and I knocked on the door and the rest is history….

Looking forward to “meeting/chatting” with you.


Welcome, Leslie, and congrats on your historical designation. And SO COOL to have the original plans, photos and documentation. It’s funny, isn’t it…that when you learn about the history of your house, it sort of becomes clear…why you were meant to live there?


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  1. says

    That conversation pit is awesome! And I also want a pool surrounded by palm trees. Since I live in the Midwest, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

    Cool house! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Propagatrix says

    I am ever so jealous of your conversation pit, as I have wanted one my entire adult life. The peacocks above the fireplace are also to die for.

    (dies and is dead of teh cooool)

  3. Harriet says

    Leslie, if you read this by any chance, I’m wondering if you painted the rock wall with the fireplace. We have what looks to be the exact same fireplace/wall and I’ve been thinking about painting it. If you painted yours, any tips for me? What kind of paint did you use? Thanks!

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