Living Vicariously Mondays – today with L.A. Greg and his beautifully restored 1962 contemporary

Not much for me to say about this place – Greg’s contemporary in Granada Hills, California.

Beautiful! Love love love the light fixtures – are they all one ‘set’? Where did you find them? Ooooh, I see you even kept your cottage cheese ceiling!

I particularly like how Greg has kept his color palette simple — taupey/grey paint on the paneled walls with the same tonality reflected in the grasscloth, some olive, black, white and brown — all accented by punches of orange dancing throughout.

vintage moe honeycomb lightsGreg, in a Comment – can you share your paint colors, and your grasscloth source/design?

Do you love those orange lights? They are Moe Honeycombs — see the catalog pages that I posted here.

What TLC and tidy, too! Are those starburst door fittings on the front door?

Here is more from Greg:

This place was built in 1962, adjacent to the Knollwood country club in Granada Hills, CA. I have researched every lighting fixture, cabinet knob and drawer pull. I had to because it had all been “updated” by the seller 2 years ago, and all vintage lighting and hardware was thrown out. I selected almost every light out of early 60’s Moe Lighting and Progress Lighting catalogs.

I still need kitchen tiles replaced and a better floor put in, but it works for now. Hope you like it!

Greg McKinney

PS: I have a selection of original-restored wall clocks and lighting for sale, should anyone be interested.

Welcome to the Retro Reno gang, Greg and thanks so much for sharing your home!

  1. BETSY HAMBY says:

    Hey, Greg!

    Thank you for sharing your photos of your home on Retro Renovation!
    Three lights in particular are like the ones my folks had in their ’64, custom-built,
    Tri-level that I grew up in (Danville, IL). I gasped when I saw them on this website! I love them & have been looking for them for y-e-a-r-s! I’ve searched for those 3 pendant lights till my fingers are numb!
    So, did I understand your answer correctly to mean that I just have to wait till they comeup for sale on e-bay?? And, are they “Moe” ?
    My parents’ lamps, similar to yours, hung 3-in-a-row[same level] in our foyer had hard plastic, primary-colored, faceted “discs” that were popped in the bigger holes all the way around near the mesh covers.
    Thank you for your time & any information you may have so I may someday own these beauties! Here’s to going back to the Sixties!
    Much appreciated,
    Appleton, WI

  2. Jen Butel says:

    Looks fantastic! We just bought a 1962 ranch home in Austin, TX that we want to restore to its original glory. Your place is such an inspiration, thanks for sharing.

  3. Linda says:

    Great collection tastefully assembled in a discrete manner that appeals to the contemporary eye. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Marie says:

    Greg, thank you for answering my question about what to do with my quarter-round! I live in a 1954 National Home that has been, sadly, remuddled, including some by me to accommodate my family/budget (e.g. window replacements/enlargements, added family room – 960 sq. ft. was too small for our family of 4 – etc.). I was very much against living in a “bland ranch” (as I saw it when we first looked), but it was the right price in the right location at the right time. The hook for me – and what made me really appreciate the mid-mod style – was the quarter round molding in every room. I had been in the market for a place with strong architectural detail, and that’s what I got, which is to say, not much. Now, I love my quarter round! But I have never felt good about how to paint it, especially the piece that goes vertical. I like how you decided to highlight it by painting it in the trim color rather than painting it the wall color and letting it blend in. It looks great. I’m a true convert to the era, now. I even tracked down the ad from Life magazine for my model home! Thanks for the inspiration!

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