Living Vicariously Mondays – today with L.A. Greg and his beautifully restored 1962 contemporary

Not much for me to say about this place – Greg’s contemporary in Granada Hills, California.

Beautiful! Love love love the light fixtures – are they all one ‘set’? Where did you find them? Ooooh, I see you even kept your cottage cheese ceiling!

I particularly like how Greg has kept his color palette simple — taupey/grey paint on the paneled walls with the same tonality reflected in the grasscloth, some olive, black, white and brown — all accented by punches of orange dancing throughout.

vintage moe honeycomb lightsGreg, in a Comment – can you share your paint colors, and your grasscloth source/design?

Do you love those orange lights? They are Moe Honeycombs — see the catalog pages that I posted here.

What TLC and tidy, too! Are those starburst door fittings on the front door?

Here is more from Greg:

This place was built in 1962, adjacent to the Knollwood country club in Granada Hills, CA. I have researched every lighting fixture, cabinet knob and drawer pull. I had to because it had all been “updated” by the seller 2 years ago, and all vintage lighting and hardware was thrown out. I selected almost every light out of early 60’s Moe Lighting and Progress Lighting catalogs.

I still need kitchen tiles replaced and a better floor put in, but it works for now. Hope you like it!

Greg McKinney

PS: I have a selection of original-restored wall clocks and lighting for sale, should anyone be interested.

Welcome to the Retro Reno gang, Greg and thanks so much for sharing your home!

  1. atomicbowler says:

    Oh, wow…Oh, wow…

    Bravo, Greg, on a truly beautiful job. The love and passion sing so proudly from the quality of the work and attention to detail!

    There is an old saying that it’s not the boat the person has, but truly vice-versa. In this case I think we could surely all agree that it’s not just the house this person has, but the person the house does.

    Really wonderful!

    Laura and Dave

  2. astrosonical says:

    This entire house is my happy place! Incredible! The hanging light in the dining room is a fantasy of mine, I notice he has two stereos, my kind of people! It looks like it was decorated in 1962, great job of research!

  3. Steve Eden says:

    Hey Greg, your pad is amazing! We live in an Eichler in Thousand Oaks and just love mid-centuiry modern! I have a lamp very similar to the one you have in your living room, a thrift store find at $6.99! We love the Eichler tract in Granada Hills, just across from Knollwood, and of course we LOVE Knollwood also. I love Leslie and Aaron’s time capsule there! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Steve Eden says:

    Leslie and Aaron, your time capsule is just amazing! I just voted for it in the LA Conservancy contest. We own an Eichler in Thousand Oaks and love the Eichler tract near you in Granada Hills. We know your house and always admire it when we drive by it. We almost bought the time capsule just a couple of houses from you that was for sale a couple of years ago. I wish we had! Anyway, thanks for sharing, love love love your place! Steve

  5. Julie Jacobson says:

    Oh! That living room makes me feel happy. Those are my colors. Love the painting over the fireplace. I seem to recall one of those “off-center” fireplaces being destroyed on a recent HGTV design show. What a shame. This is such a great example of making retro look very, very cool.

  6. Marie says:

    Greg, thank you for answering my question about what to do with my quarter-round! I live in a 1954 National Home that has been, sadly, remuddled, including some by me to accommodate my family/budget (e.g. window replacements/enlargements, added family room – 960 sq. ft. was too small for our family of 4 – etc.). I was very much against living in a “bland ranch” (as I saw it when we first looked), but it was the right price in the right location at the right time. The hook for me – and what made me really appreciate the mid-mod style – was the quarter round molding in every room. I had been in the market for a place with strong architectural detail, and that’s what I got, which is to say, not much. Now, I love my quarter round! But I have never felt good about how to paint it, especially the piece that goes vertical. I like how you decided to highlight it by painting it in the trim color rather than painting it the wall color and letting it blend in. It looks great. I’m a true convert to the era, now. I even tracked down the ad from Life magazine for my model home! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Linda says:

    Great collection tastefully assembled in a discrete manner that appeals to the contemporary eye. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Scott says:

    Such a relief that you didn’t paint over a natural stone fireplace. It looks great. We are blessed with a multicolored natural cut stone (called Arizona stone on the original materials invoice) fireplace in our 1954 house. You won’t believe how many folks have asked if we’re going to paint over it!

  9. Jen Butel says:

    Looks fantastic! We just bought a 1962 ranch home in Austin, TX that we want to restore to its original glory. Your place is such an inspiration, thanks for sharing.

  10. BETSY HAMBY says:

    Hey, Greg!

    Thank you for sharing your photos of your home on Retro Renovation!
    Three lights in particular are like the ones my folks had in their ’64, custom-built,
    Tri-level that I grew up in (Danville, IL). I gasped when I saw them on this website! I love them & have been looking for them for y-e-a-r-s! I’ve searched for those 3 pendant lights till my fingers are numb!
    So, did I understand your answer correctly to mean that I just have to wait till they comeup for sale on e-bay?? And, are they “Moe” ?
    My parents’ lamps, similar to yours, hung 3-in-a-row[same level] in our foyer had hard plastic, primary-colored, faceted “discs” that were popped in the bigger holes all the way around near the mesh covers.
    Thank you for your time & any information you may have so I may someday own these beauties! Here’s to going back to the Sixties!
    Much appreciated,
    Appleton, WI

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