Moe honeycomb lighting: The full line, from a 1968 catalog, plus 4 hilarious room shots

1960s moe light honeycomb pendant lightI just scored a 1968 Moe Lighting catalog, and it is 102 pages of sheer beauty. Peoples: If you are not keeping your eyes open and wallets stocked with just a little extra something for the most fabuloso vintage lighting that you can get your hands on, well, then, I feel bad. Because there is probably no feature that can have the biggest impact on the sparkly-ness of a home than lighting. I myself am guilty: The light in my dining room is a piece of inexpensive whatever that we hung in there when we first bought the house 10 years ago. I am ashamed of myself. This is going on The List tout suit. Today, from my 1968 catalog: Moe’s complete Honeycomb line, including the new-for-’68 cranberry-pink … and 5 rooms shots sure to make you smile bright as a tangerine-gold pendant.
Vintage Moe honeycomb lightingI do not know when Moe introduced this style — perhaps reader Greg can tell us, I first saw this lighting in his Los Angeles house:

mid-century-modern-home-in-los-angelesHere’s how the catalog describes the line:

Vivid honeycomb … Moe Light’s exclusive expression of creative lighting at its finest.

moe honeycomb lightsThe photo above: From a fantastic time capsule house first chronicled on Vintage Las Vegas. I also archived the image in my vintage lighting slide show.

Moe honeycomb lighting in cranberry pinkIn 1968, the catalog says, the Cranberry-pink was introduced. The blue is called “Emerald-blue”. The gold: Tangerine-gold.

moe light honeycomb cranberry pink hallHere’s the room shot — a hallway, it appears. It’s … interesting … to see this light paired with rustic furniture, wall paneling, and look: the door has wrought iron. I think we are seeing seeds of the Mediterranean Casa de la Torquemada look. Not a scene in which we might expect to see this thoroughly modern light — just goes to show that they mixed it up plenty back in the day. Or else, the Moe interior designers were doing magic mushrooms. 1968 and all.

blue sewing room with vintage lightsMeanwhile, back in suburbia on the planet Earth, this is the Mrs.’ blue sewing room. Yes, this room would tempt even me to give it all up for a band of gold. There’s a lot going on, so don’t lose the lights: There’s a blue honeycomb pull-down in the foreground, and honeycomb-trimmed can lights in the ceiling near the stairs. The catalog says:

Every homemaker’s dream… the woman’s studio … smartly designed and accented with emerald-blue honeycomb lighting styles.

can lights with blue Moe honeycomb trim

You gotta love this. Does anyone recognize the artwork?

vintage moe lighting in a bedroomThese photos are always such a gas: Look closely, the bed is set into a nook; the nook is upholstered in the same fabric as the bedspread. There also is a light bar back there.

Moe lightingThe wall sconces are particularly snappy, don’t you think?

Moe honeycomb pendantsThe pendants, too. And these are so NOW. I can imagine many a lighting company introducing them today — with fanfare like they were their idea.

track for a pull down pendant lightThese “celing tracks” are wicked cool. They “let you move fixtures up to six feet.” You could use them like a swag, or there was hardware included to hard wire them.

Remember: I have been told that pull down lighting is no longer to code; consult with a professional, please. And: Vintage lighting should be rewired.

1968 moe lightNow here’s some 70s going on. These lights are insane. Luv.

There are a bunch of other drop-dead gorgeous lights in my 1968 catalog. I’ll try to get them up soon. But you know me. Always distracted by the next little pretty.

  1. jack says:

    I have the larger pendant in orange. I got it on eBay, back when there were only a few thousand people on the site. I paid $5 for it. It’s so far hung in three different homes, and has brightened up every one of them. Three 25w amber bulbs and a dimmer, and it’s the perfect anchor for any retro lighting scheme.

  2. Lisa says:

    We have a Moe retractible light. The spring is weak and does not hold the light up.
    Trying to find out how to fix it.

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Lisa, consult with a properly licensed professional. Note: I have been told that these are no longer to code – again, get with a pro to assess what you are have and how to handle.

  3. Kathi Dellmann says:

    I have a honeycomb hanging lamp in a harvest gold color with little sparkly plastic pieces in the honeycombs. The style is slightly different than those in the ’68 catalog. I can’t seem to find anything on this particular style. Is it Moe or a knock off? any help would be appreciated.

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