A 1966 Rat Pack time capsule house in Vintage Las Vegas

9 "Moe's in a row", I think
9 “Moe’s in a row”, I believe

Oh my goodness, some of the features in this 1966 Las Vegas time capsule are just exquisite.

The house is a little older than those I usually feature. But I couldn’t resist. The more immersed I become in designs of the 1946-1966 era (where I draw the lines around “postwar”), the more I also find myself tip-toeing into the late 60s and yes, early 70s. It’s all so much fun.

Love this house!

Love the doors!

Love the door handles!

Love the door bell!

Love love love the bathroom with its metallic wallpaper. I want my hair to go grey…then white…then blue in this bathroom mirror!

And did I mention the pool? Has anyone done definitive research – does Las Vegas have THE GREATEST mid mod houses in the nation?

Uncle Jack LeVine is a realtor who runs the Vintage Las Vegas blog, which I read every day. Yes, Jack, I really do! This is his listing. $495,000. Click here to see the online sales brochure. Thanks, Uncle Jack!






  1. Jennifer Moriarty says:

    I really want some of those Moe’s pendant lights for my kitchen. I have the large blue and green single in my dining room.

  2. Thomas says:

    So happy to see my house featured! We bought it a few months ago as a foreclosure (!) … and thank goodness that all is still intact. The only thing missing was the Moe lamps but we had a surprise visitor yesterday … one of the former owners dropped them off along with all the original blueprints and renderings! And he wouldn’t take a dime for them ….

    In brief, it was designed in 1958 by architects Walter Zick & Sharp. It’s one of twelve identified residences in Vegas they designed, but their public buildings are better known … The Dunes, The Mint, Plaza Hotel (downtown Vegas), and a host of other iconic mid-century modern casinos/buildings in Vegas. The house wasn’t constructed until 1966 but the plans didn’t change much.

  3. Kathy says:

    With original plans and fixtures, you should try to get the place listed–possibly eligible now, definitely eligible when it turns 50. Can be a big help when it is time to replace the furnace or fix the stucco and pool, if Nevada offers tax credits for residential construction (Fed doesn’t).

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