Susan and her Granada Hills Greg-inspired Moe light — I see us all heading straight into the heart of the 60s!

Hi Pam,
Thanks to Greg and his Moe catalogs, I now know that this is a Moe Venetian featured in their 1965 catalog.  I picked this up at our local Re-Store for $10!  It’s in great shape!  I thought I’d share, since it ties in with this topic…
– Susan
Thanks, Susan – very cool! … And look at the purple (plum? lavendar? aubergine? dag, I have to research this) walls in that ’65 photo. Have you seen how all the magazines and catalogs are starting to show purple. We’re heading into the ’60s now! Image: Vintage Moe.

  1. anita says:

    I’m not fond of the 70s Mediterranian look, but I think this light fixture is way cool. The photo of it with the purple walls and other ‘mod’ decor in the background did not bring images of Mediterranian uck to mind for me, love the cracked glass effect!

  2. magnarama says:

    I try to subscribe to the “if you can’t say something nice…” school, but this one, I fear, has eroded my manners. This lamp, IMHO, belongs firmly in the hideous Casa-de-Torquemada school of decorating that came into being with the unlamented dark and dreary “Mediterranean” style of the ’70s. Wrought iron curlecues? Ugh.

    I don’t think that’s what Stephan had in mind with his article on the Roman motifs of the ’60s.

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