1960s laminate: A short history from Wilsonart

vintage wilsonart laminate from the 1970s
vintage wilsonart laminate from the 1970s

More today from the Wilsonart laminate history archives. In the 60s, laminate colors got, at one end of the spectrum richer and earthier – and at the other end, pop-art bold.  Some of the defining trends from the period, this article [link now gone] says:

  • Color TV was introduced in 1965, bringing us closer in touch with design inspiration from other cultures.
  • The Mediterranean look – more specifically, Spanish Colonial — gave us both colors and textures like faux leather. “Corinthian leather!”
  • The op-art, pop-art world was a-flutter. Hence, the iconic oranges, yellows and lime greens of the period.
  • We loved faux everything. The future is Plastics.
  • Oh yeah: Squint and you can see avocado green and harvest gold… two colors that stayed with us well into the 70s.

  1. kmodek says:

    I have dark brown tortoise shell Formica counters in my 1977 house. Now it’s being sold again at Lowe’s!

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