Where to find vintage kitchen cabinet pulls – from Youngstown, Geneva and other makers?


Readers are constantly sending emails asking where to find cabinet pulls for vintage kitchen cabinets made by Youngstown, Geneva, and other makers. The answer: Not an easy one, I am afraid.

For example, the chevrons aka boomerangs above, on 2-3/4″ centers, are classic early Youngstowns. The Geneva’s that are most problematic are the kind with the recessed, plastic backplate.

The vintage Youngstowns CAN be found – but you are going to have to hunt and peck and search and wait.


The Geneva backplate issue has been a difficult one for years, again as far as I know. I started hunting for my steel cabinets about 7 years ago. I constantly saw this question asked on forums. I know of no source for them.

Meanwhile: Be sure to see my Category called “Cabinet Hardware” for replacement choices.


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  1. lynda murray says

    Where should I post a kitchen cabinet question? I am restoring a whole set of Crosley cabinets, and I need replacement bumpers for the doors, and drawers. Most of them are really hard, missing , or very flat. they are the type that fit into a 1/4″ hole on the cabinet. Does anyone have a resource for these? Thanks.

  2. Regina MacMorris says

    We are currently setting our cabinets, and wonder if the lazy Susan is recessed or should be pulled forward to be flush with the cabinet doors. The installer says recessed, the electrostatic painter says to match up the baseboards.
    Does anyone know for sure?

  3. jeff h. says

    I have looked all over but can not find the shelf supports for Hotpoint metal cabinets. Any help would be appreciated.

  4. Holden says


    I’m refinishing some Youngstown metal cabinets and need to replace a few drawer slides which have completely worn out. I have the serial numbers for the cabinets–36-A 29486.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!

    • pam kueber says

      Holden, we do not have any easy answers for this. There were just too many different manufacturers, too many designs, over the years. I suggest: You’re just gonna need to google this and hunt and peck etc. Or, find another set of cabinets and scavenge from them. Finally, be sure to read all the comments, readers often have great suggestions (that I don’t necessarily go back and insert into the story.) Good luck.

      • Howard says

        I am also refinishing a set of Youngstown cabinets and the drawer slides are just terrible. It appears that there was some type of brass rail that wrapped around the drawer slides, but most are now gone or destroyed. I have never found a replacement for the brass and the drawers are rubbing steel on steel and making lots of fine black metal dust.

        Does anyone have a solution for a problem like that? Thank you in advance!

  5. Diana says

    Hello, I have just purchased a nice set of Geneva cabinets in Pink. One of the cabinets have unusual holes (top and bottom) where I am to imagine that there may have been dowels running vertically to divide the cabinet for cookie sheets?? Another has two sides that look like there was perhaps a sliding shallow drawer (pots) I have exhausted the internet trying to find any information on Geneva cabinets and what the options may have been. I can’t even find an age for them. There is a model number on the sink cabinet. Does anyone have any information or an old copy of the Geneva options for cabinetry? Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  6. Jill Wilson says

    Looking for replacement latches for my St. Charles kitchen cabinets. I’ve found the pins on your site but I need the plastic part that goes into the cabinet door and clamps around the metal pin that protrudes from the cabinet. Any leads from anyone would be appreciated.

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