The world’s largest toilet salvage yard

brokenbog-worlds-largest-toilet-salvageWow. This company — Miscellanea Discontinued Bathroomware — claims to have more than 50,000 pieces of discontinued “sanitaryware” — toilets, sinks, bathtubs — making it the largest such salvage place in the world. “Over 100 Retro bathroom colours in stock including,” they say: “Coral Pink, Sky Blue, Champagne, Turquoise, Sunking, Primrose, Flamingo Pink, Pampas, Indian Ivory, Linden Green, Bali Brown, Misty Blue, Harvest Gold, Oyster, Whiskey, Wild Sage, Bone, 2-tone including Lilas Jaspe and of course Avocado, Avacado or if you prefer Avacardo…”

Readers, if you want to check stock, do not leave a comment in this story — Contact Broken Bog directly.
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As you may be able to tell by the spellings of Avocado, sadly for us Americans, MDB is in Surrey, England, far far away. To be sure, a trip to London is now on my to-do list. But the heck with Big Ben — I’m going for the bogs! Oh, did I mention their website, I am taking it that bog = toilet?

brokenbog-vintage-toilet-yardMiscellanea says it has collected all these pieces by buying about-to-be discontinued stock direct from manufacturers. They add, “Whether you’ve got a smashed Sepia cistern or a broken Bermuda Blue bidet we can help, rather than going to the expense, disruption and downright mundanity of having a complete new White suite fitted.”

The downright mundanity of white…” — These are my kind of people – and they now go into our Top Ten Bathroom posts.


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  1. Bruce David Johnson says

    Is it legal to sell those old 50’s full-flush (~4gpf) toilets?

    Do you have any cast-iron clawfoot tubs? How much? And how much for a white 4-inch-center-faucet pedestal lavatory? Or, if you don’t have 4″, wide-spread (12″)?

    • pam kueber says

      Bruce, I don’t sell here – I just spotlight products available all over the place. Regarding legality of old toilets… ? I believe that today companies in the U.S. can only make low flow toilets. I tend not to believe it’s an issue for renovators. However: Check your local building inspector. I have heard of one community (metro Atlanta) that would not let a homeowner take possession of an existing home without changing out the toilets to low flow.

  2. Heather F says

    Just wanted to THANK YOU for the recommendation about where to buy matching “vintage color” potty seats. Thanks to you we have new “pink” seats to match our classic commodes. 😉

  3. pam kueber says

    So today (Sept. 7), I’m getting lots of visitors to this post. If I may ask: How is it you are landing here????

  4. George says

    Re: ‘Bog’ in the ‘blog’ (!) Two Nations divided by a common language?
    It certainly does mean Toilet or ‘restroom’. I’m 65 and used the term all my life, I’m from South London and I can’t actually remember it being used outside London. It’s not ‘Cockney rhyming Slang’ anyway. It’s only regarded as very mildly vulgar.
    It may have come from the fact that most houses would have had an ‘earth toilet’ at the end of the garden (Netty, in the North east) and used by adding earth each use. Not for the squeamish to think why it was called a ‘bog’! This was emptied at night, from the rear, by a man with a horse and cart!
    Oh, and ashamedly, I have to admit I never knew this yard existed. And it’s only 20 miles from where I was born!

  5. Janet says

    My friend with British roots uses the term “bog roll” for toilet paper. I always wondered how he came up with this …

  6. Rosie Bryan says

    Hi I need a tiny cloakroom sink in champagne. Could fit in a corner or on the wall if it’s small enough. What have you got?

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