47 colors of bathroom tile from B&W Tile


Kate used this tile to create her new pink bathroom. See her complete series of stories.

Palm Springs Stephan is a wealth of info, and provides this info on a Southern California company still producing the 50s pink tile so common during this era. Don’t use any other pinks – they are not right! I am so excited at this find – a big one for the retro renovation community.

bwg.jpgThe source: B&W Tile, with 3 locations and online, bwtile.com. See the warehouse photo to the left – they sure look like they’ve been in this Gardena location since the 50s. Reassuring!

Stephen adds: “B& W Tile makes this tile and keeps it in stock at all times in every size imaginable, from 1″ hex tile to 6×6 inch glazed and unglazed wall and floor tiles. I talked to their Riverside location just this afternoon, and the 4.25 by 4.25 glazed wall tile in 1950s pink (their inventory number 70W) is just $3.88 per square foot….I should be able to do the walls in my new bath just like the ones in that photo.”

Thank you thank you, Stephan! Original color – vast selection – great price. And, they produce the 1950s style wall-mounted & recessed china toilet paper, soap, and toothbrush holders (see toilet holder in top photo) also from original molds. Or you can use shiny stainless from Franklin Brass.

Spread the word and prepare the mastic.

This post — one of the most popular ever on Retro Renovation – was originally published on Dec. 14, 2007


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  1. sumacsue says

    Our half-bath has pink tile similar to what is pictured. I love it, but visitors often say, You are going to get rid of that pink tile, right? What do they know? The upper walls were white, and I painted them with a Brehr color called Moondance. I thought it would be a soft gray, but it has too much lavender in it, and is too cool. It is not flattering to the warm pink tile at all. So, what is a better wall color — cream as in the photo? (Our tile is just pink, and the tile soap, cup, and toilet paper holders are white. No black or any other color trim.) Our full bath was renovated at some point, and has no tile. Someday, maybe we can tile it.

  2. 50sPam says

    I’ve been collecting illustrations and photos of pink tile bathrooms and can try to get these posted soon, too. (I have a lot of promised posts to do, argh!) Meanwhile: I’d recommend that you look to the Sherwin-Williams Suburban Modern interior palette (see my Paint Color category) for paint to coordinate with pink tile. If you want white, I’d start with the Porcelain. If you do go for white paint, I’d also advise, that you add artwork and rugs in a nice strong color of about the same intensity as the pink in order to balance and punctuate it. Another idea: Wallpaper. If you can swing the cash, look at Bradbury & Bradbury’s new line. There are a couple with pink elements that would look smashing. Alternatively: Hunt all over Lexington for vintage paper – you probably don’t need very much for a powder room. Something with grey and a bit of pink and even aquamarine would be awesome, I bet. Even consider an ad in a Shopper maybe? Or ask longtime wallpaper stores whether they have any squirreled away. I got mine for $3 a roll!

  3. Femme1 says

    The very first thing my stepsister said when she visited our house for the first time was,” Ahh, you haven’t gotten rid of these countertops yet, I see,” of my beloved greenish-blue vintage formica with stainless steel edging. Feh!

  4. Georgene says

    My daughter just found your site, and I am tickled Pink!!! (No pun intended.) I’ve had my pink bathroom since 1955 and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I also have the same small pink and white tile on the floor. It needs re-grouting, which we will do but still looks good.
    Georgene Birchett

  5. says

    For anyone in search of pink tile, look for my listings on evilbay! I have loads of 4″ pink ceramic tile. My seller name is theamishdisco (isn’t that a hoot?!), so you should be able to find all my auctions. Lots of goodies going up so I can clear out my extras before the snow flies. Mention Mid Mod Pam for a super deal. :)

  6. Kittybaby8x says

    Hello all,
    I am currently renting a house, with a pink tile bathroom with a magenta top spill guard. I would like to keep as is, but any ideas on making it look like the 50 would be great. any information would be helpful

  7. Emily says

    My tile! My tile!!! This is the tile in my bathroom! We need work done and I worried “what if tiles get broken?” Thank you for this resource!! My question: Good colors to go with the tile to paint the upper wall? I have a plant on the back of the commode and thought the green actually looked really good against the tile so I considered that. Other suggestions?

    • Pam Kueber says

      Hi Emily – and welcome. Pink is a very adaptable color – so you can match it with almost anything. However, you should now know that you are in the home of the wallpaper-lover-of-America, so I always suggest that…. There are lots of posts. Surf around. Also be sure to see my other site, http://savethepinkbathrooms.com. And send me a pic of yours at retrorenovation at gmail dot com. Again – welcome!

      • Kami says

        Hi, I have the exact same tile also. In fact my bathroom is close to identical to the one pictured above, minus the floor tiles and I have a pink bathtub. I used Ralph Lauren Deep Cream and I really love it. It has just a hint of pink in the base so it goes really well (and I’ve been searching for 7 years).

  8. 50sfanatic4evr says

    I have very sad news for you all. My grandmother has decided after 53 years to finally renovate her all original pink bathroom in brand new, mint condition! I was devastated when she told me there was no use in convincing her otherwise. RIP Pink bathroom. Goodbye unique tiles… Its a shame. A once beautiful piece of history soon too be gone.

  9. Lindsay says

    We are in the process of buying a 1956 home with tile like this in the main bath…I absolutely love it!! There are a couple tiles that someone replaced with white (horrible) and I’m so glad that there’s a place that still sells the originals so we can put it back how it should be. The house is luckily 90% original and in great shape…it’s funny that the listing said it needed a total remodel. It’s funny how some people are so BLIND! I love your bathroom and hope to enjoy ours soon!

  10. Heidi Swank says

    We needed just one tile replaced in the shower and got it from B&W Tile. They were so helpful, especially since we had the smallest possible order. The color wasn’t an exact match to what is in our 1959 shower, but it still looks much much better than the white tile we thought we were going to be stuck using. Thanks!

  11. says

    Today, I tore out the linoleum floor in my 1950 pink and cranberry bathroom in order to find the source of the leak that has caused the floor to rot. It might be necessary to take out and replace the shower pan in my lovely pink shower.

    I am debating about what to use for the new floor. The choice is between putting in Marmoleum in Tan Pink # 3077, which matches my tile perfectly, or to put in a tile floor. I love the look of tile, but don’t want to use hex or octagonal tiles if they weren’t used in that period. I would like to explore the Dal Tile line, but what about this? Were hex tiles used in that period?

    Joan from Ashland, OR

  12. says

    Hi Pam!
    Do these hex tiles really fit for a 50’s bathroom or is this more appropriate to a 20’s or 30’s bungalow? I did see them at B and W, and I also saw little white squares….. I’d like to download a photo I took with two of my tiles as a possible floor choice. Is there a way to do that or should I send you a link to my picasa album?


  13. pam kueber says

    Hi Joan. For security reasons, readers cannot upload photos. So email me with your picasaweb link…Again, yes, I’ve seen hex tiles in 50s houses – but I don’t know for sure how popular these were vs. the other choices. I think they’re fine. I recently saw some in the Re-Store – white with a little marble-ized glaze, and really liked them.

  14. Gabbie says

    Just to comment on the hex tiles: I have a 1949 Brick Cape Cod and I have hex floor tiles in both my pink bathroom and in my yellow bath. My sister has a “ranch” home that I think was built in the 50s and it too has the hex floor tiles all the different bathrooms.

    This is an awesome website, BTW. Suddenly, I’m feeling very protective of my pink bathroom.

  15. says

    You know my mom had a pink bathroom AND a pink kitchen…complete with pink wall oven… range… counter top… phone. when they remodeled the kitchen…it all was ripped out and taken away. I wish i had it all now. and 2 remodels later its that standard stainless… they love it and i miss the pink something awful

  16. Judi Gee says

    Love all the 1050’s pink bathrooms…..but what about the rest of us who have other colored 1950’s bathrooms. My bathroom has taupe’ish tile with a rust border. The bathroom walls are tiled from top to bottom and are in excellant condition. I also have a working heater in the tile that looks and works great ( just needs rechroming). Any others like me out there????? I need to re-do the floors, help!

    • pam kueber says

      Judi Gee – OF COURSE “pink” bathrooms are just emblematic: We love and celebrate bathrooms of all colors. Are you a new reader? Hang around a while and you will see…

  17. Jim Sutton says

    I am repairing an old house that has pink tiles in the bathroom. Some are missing and I do not want to remove this great looking vintage piece of history. I need to see about finding replacement pieces to get this room back to it’s original condition/look.

  18. Long Beach Friend says

    Hi All,

    I recently retiled my shower with Tiles from the B/W location in Gardenia. I had a great experience there and highly recommend them. I am now moving into phase 2 of my bathroom renovation and I need some help and guidance. I am planning on continuing the turquoise green tile color to the rest of the walls of the bathroom in a subway tile with a black header and footer tile to accent. I will be installing a new white tub, toilet, and teak cabinetry topped with Caesar stone. My dilemma comes from the tile for the floor. I am planning on either doing the Daltile mosiac from the Keystone collection that you featured or a 3″ Hexagonal tile. My question is what colors of tile would work best for this situation? I was originally going to go with white, but I think the contrast might be too much. My condo was built in 1959 and I can send pics if they would help. Any help is appreciated.


    Long Beach Friend

  19. Amy says


    I have the same tile scheme, but it’s in green/mint and black. I have some tiles that need to be replaced and I’m not sure where to go. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for your help!

    • pam kueber says

      Amy — look at my Fast & Easy Product Guide page – Bathroom, for our tile resources identified to date. B&W — same supplier as the pink — has 47 colors. They might be your best bet. Good luck.

  20. Jim says

    My wife and I were just debating over a complete renovation or a retro refresh on our 1955 bathroom. After seeing this site our minds are made up. It will be a retro renovation. Thanks for operating this site and provideing the info on a place to get replacement tiles.

  21. John Zimmerman says


    I’m in the process of restoring a 50’s bathroom, with exactly the colors depicted in the picture above ( Pink / Burgundy ). I have been lucky and found tons of the pink at a architectural salvage, but I’m having trouble sourcing the Burgundy. I was wondering if anybody has the stock number that B&W uses or, possibly another supplier. The website and B&W does not depict colors, and I’m no where near California.

    • pam kueber says

      John, I have heard from other readers that B&W is very responsive to inquiries from across the nation and will send samples, etc. I recall talking to them at one point, the reason they do not show colors on the website is that different monitors do not accurately depict colors and they want folks to see the tile for real before making an order. Other than that – go to a big tile store and look at all the sample boards from the major companies like Daltile/American Olean and whoever else. Good luck.

  22. Shane says

    Just an FYI update…according to BW Tile they don’t have 50s colors and don’t match to samples. I am attempting to locate a standard field tile in light aqua. American Olean lists a perfect match, called Glacial, but it’s matte only. They have a shiny tile but the surface is wavy, not smooth.

    The search is still on…..


    • pam kueber says

      Shane – B&W has helped many other folks out, I am not sure about what they are telling you. Did you ask for samples for the color you are seeking?

  23. Melissa says

    I’m searching for the blue tiles. I guess they would be a torquise or aqua? Anyone know the name of the color? I am waiting for a sample from B & W. You have an example of the bathroom on your website. I wish I could find someone local….Kansas.

    • pam kueber says

      Melissa, be sure to check the big-name companies like Dal-tile/American Olean — I think they have some blues and aqua’s now… You can see their entire product line on-line… but then, you really need to see the tile in person. Also, be sure to see all my Tile resources via the navigation bars… PRODUCTS / bathrooms / tile

  24. says

    I ordered tile from B&W Tile to match my yellow 1950s kitchen tile. I was installing a dishwasher and wanted to extend the kitchen counter over the dishwasher. It was an almost perfect match. In the daylight, it looks perfect. At night, if I look really close, I can tell where the old tile ends and the new tile begins. But visitors have never noticed. However, I learned the hard way that it is not as heat resistant as the original tile. Last winter, I brought a roasted chicken home from the grocery store and set it on the new tile and it cracked. I have set dishes straight from the oven on the original tile without a problem.

      • pam kueber says

        B&W have 47 colors, they just don’t show them online. See this page – read carefully, there is a link to another site that shows their colors.

  25. Maureen Kelly says

    Hello, we have a 40s or 50s ranch and the bathroom fixtures are American Standard, very similar to what is in this ad: http://www.flickr.com/photos/americanvintagehome/3270039137/in/photostream/
    It is kind of pink, kind of beige, with mauve trim (that’s really the only ugly part). The problem is I cannot identify the true color to replace the toilet seat. The lid says 1957. The other problem is the floor tiles do not match at all. If anyone knows of a way to identify the true color, please let me know. Thanks.

  26. Alissa says

    I wish I’d been able to find all this stuff about 5 years ago, when we were desparately trying to create a new 1940s bath!

  27. Carol Zeiders says

    Getting ready to renovate a pink/black bathroom from the 50s. These tiles are not ceramic but a fiberglass/plastic.. They come off the wall without breaking. Does anyone know why the fiberglass/plastic tiles were used in place of ceramic?

  28. Lauryn says

    Dear Pam. You have ruined me for good. I have fallen in love with pink bathrooms and now have just had my heart broken. A sweet little 1958 ranch just came on the market in our town and having been in the house awhile back, I jumped on the real estate pictures to see the photos of the PINK bathroom and the intact original kitchen. To my absolute horror, BOTH have been complete renovated (this was a house bought to flip) in GREIGE and STAINLESS and QUARTZ and now I’m going to walk around feeling sick to my stomach all day over a house I’m not even in the market to buy!

    Keep spreading the good word. If just one person doesn’t destroy one of these charmers, your work is not in vain.

    Oh, and I adore the bathroom in this post.

  29. Tanner says

    We are currently renovating our pink bathroom. The tile color scheme is pink with a mauve/burgandy trim and then thin mint tile right below the trim. I need help on finding the right color for the walls and trim around the windows. I was thinking a cream color but I am not sure. Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciative. I am not against wallpaper, but not sure if my bf would like that or not. Thanks so much! So glad I found this sight!

    • pam kueber says

      Hi Tanner – it sounds gorgeous. I think cream is fine! Here is a story for you to look at / go thru: Readers recommending their favorite whites, especially off-whites – which is what I tend to think you need…

  30. Nadine says

    Does anyone have a good contact person at B&W tile in Gardena? I tried calling the other day to get a price on some tile and while the person I spoke to was very nice, I’m not sure they understood what I was talking about. I referred to the online catalog number as well as the name of the tile listed in the catalog and they didn’t seem to understand. I would like to find someone there that I would feel comfortable ordering from.
    Many Thanks!

  31. Bill says

    I called B&W and they said they don’t have any color samples on their website, to see colors they recommended coming here to retrorenovation! This is the only B&W article I can find on the site and it doesn’t have a list of available colors. Can anyone help?

    Seems like one shouldn’t have to work this hard to try and spend money on someone’s product….

      • Bill says

        I guess you just have to keep calling until you get through to someone who knows something. On my third attempt I got through to Deborah Pfahler who e-mailed me a chart with their colors.

  32. Lori says

    I am an interior designer who is looking for a small amount of 1″ hexagon tile in lavander! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  33. Megan says

    I am trying to find out something about the manufacturer of English Ceramic Tiles from the 1950s. These are pale lavender 4.25″ sq tiles from my childhood home, built in 1951, in Arlington, VA. The backside says: ENGLAND TJLtd (in a triangle) 1951/3. Unbelievably, I cannot find anything on the internet. Thank you in advance!

    • pam kueber says

      I’ve asked Bungalow Bill. If he has an answer – I’ll need for you to send me some photos so’s I can publish the answer!

  34. Isabel says


    I am having my bathroom re-tiled and was wondering where to sell 1953 tiles. I have many black trimmed with black toilet paper holder, toothbrush holder and soap holder as well as many taupe colored 4 1/4″ tiles in perfect condition. The back of the tiles says MOSAIC, made in U.S.A. I’d hate to just throw them away.


  35. Jennifer says

    I recently bought a house that was built in 1956. It still has the original bathrooms and kitchen, pink and brown. The 4 inch tiles are metal, not ceramic or plastic. Is that common?

  36. carol somsen says

    Yesssssss! This is my first day of looking for pink ceramic bathroom tile. You are the 1st site i have visited. What luck.I giggled when i saw the photo. i will try to send a pic of ours complete with mermaid sliding shower doors!

  37. Autumn says

    We have a 50’s pink tile bathroom with mauve trim… what color can I paint the walls to tone the pink down? (Sorry, but I’m not a pink fan…)

  38. Robert Trigg says

    I am looking for a case of 4″ bone “wavy” tiles.
    Please advise.

    Thank you,
    Robert W. Trigg

  39. Peggy S says

    I live in a 1952 house in Houston that still has its two original pink bathrooms. I am looking at the tub in the picture accompanying this comment string. It’s a jetted tub so it must be new, and yet it’s tiled in. My question: how do I (actually the tile guy) get my old tub out and get in a new one with minimal damage to existing tile?? Everyone says it can’t be done. All the plumbers/tile installers want to just break out all of my brownish coral tile :-( and re-do the bathtub area with a white fiberglass pre-formed surround :-o. I’m digging in my heels. Need some help, information, and maybe a web article that shows how this can be done. Please help!

    • Jennifer says

      Hi Peggy,
      Start reading about different kinds of tiling and start asking the pros at the tile forums at johnbridge.com . They know about the mud set tiling. The above picture is new tile, probably from B&W, setting in that new tub, but tiled in the old fashioned way, probably with a mud set.

    • Naomi says

      Stick to your guns! I am a tile installer myself and have done plenty of these types of bathrooms so I know it is possible. However things were made to last in those days so it is inevitable that you will have a few tiles broken in the process. May I suggest calling Clay Squared in Minnesota they can send you some vintage tile samples so you can match your color before your project starts. That way you have a source to replace any that may be damaged during the renovation. Good luck :)

  40. Amy says

    Any idea what the maroon border tile is called (number, color, etc)? Someone partially “re did” our pink and maroon bathroom that looks much like the one in this picture, and I need to replace some of the maroon tiles that they removed so that we can take out the 70s style medicine cabinet they put in. Any help would be appreciated…thank you!

    • Kate says

      Amy, I believe it is 78W Maroon. Try calling B&W and asking for a sample so you can see if it matches your bathroom. Good luck!

    • pam kueber says

      Amy, if the maroon from B&W is not a good match, you could also see if World of Tile can match the bullnose for you…

  41. Maggie Mack says

    I’m in a 1965 Rental Property with turquoise bath fixtures (tub toilet & sink) I’m allowed to paint, but not sure just what to do with my walls to keep the retro feel, because I love it, and still spruce the space up with something more than white. Any Ideas?

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