• Tappan push-button plumbing – 1963

    tappan-push-button-plumbing-1963ALWAYS ON THE LOOKOUT for something we’ve never seen before, I was ecstatic to find this “Tappan Ultraflo push-button plumbing” innovation. It was featured in a copy of Popular Mechanics (Sept. 1963) that I picked up at Ron’s place last week. According to the story, mysterious unseen solenoids mix the temp magically so you never have to bother with those, what are they called again…oh yeah, faucet handles.  This could be installed in the bathroom, too. Click through to see the groovy wiring diagram and full text.

    And let’s hear your guesses… Why do you think this innovation failed?tappan-push-button-plumbing-1963-wiring-diagram


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    1. Jim costello says:

      I installed one of these in a model home in Wilkes Barre Pa in about 1976…….just why did it fail to catch on???

    2. Anastasia says:

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