Where to buy authentic pink flamingo lawn ornaments designed by Don Featherstone


NO DISCUSSION OF MIDCENTURY LANDSCAPING IS COMPLETE without including the famous pink flamingo lawn ornaments designed by Don Featherstone. According to my online research, Featherstone is an artist who sculpted 750 products for Union Products, Inc., in Leominster, Mass., starting in 1956. He sculpted the iconic pink flamingos in 1957. They were based on National Geographic images, and they went on the market in 1958. The taller one is 30″ tall when staked into the ground.

All Featherstone flamingos made today have his names inscribed into the mold

Yes: Featherstone flamingos are still available today! They seem to have been in continuous production since 1958, with just one yearlong gap in 2006-2007.

In 1987, Featherstone inscribed his name on the original molds, in order to differentiate them from knockoffs. Today, all the authentic reproductions being made will still have Featherstone’s signature molded into them. You can buy them for sale on Amazon — look for the ones by Union Products … they come in a pair… Don Featherstone’s name is on the box.

Featherstone actually rose to lead the company. He retired in 2000, and continued to reside in Fitchburg, Mass. — with 57 of his flamingos on his front lawn. Also, Wikipedia says that he and his wife have dressed alike for their entire marriage.

Don Featherstone died in June 2015. He was 79. The tributes poured in. His hometown newspaper, the Fitchburg (Mass.) Sentinel & Enterprise wrote a lovely, lovely story.  The New York Times put his story on the front page. Rest in serene peace, Don Featherstone.

Do you have Featherstone lawn flamingos? Our uploader is currently on — we’d love to see them — upload a photo!

Unfortunately, Union Products closed in 2006 – but fortunately, a year later a company named HHC International purchased the famous flamingo molds. Last I read, it produces from them today in Westmoreland, New York. There was a ton of news media attention on this story at the time.

pink-flamingo-don-featherstoneThere’s also a book written by Don Featherstone himself — It’s called Pink Flamingos Splendor in the Grass. I also found it easily on Amazon.

These Don Featherstone pink flamingos: Classic classic classic Americana. Treasure them!

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  1. John says

    Hi Pam,
    I have about 6 Flamingoes in my yard. Three guarding the front door and the rest out back by the pond!! I’ll send you a couple pics.

  2. St. Louis shelly says

    Thank you for the Flamingo info. One of my daughter’s favorite childhood books was “Mrs. Fitz’s Flamingos”. Mrs. Fitz wanted to improve her rooftop view so she bought a couple of flamingos and put them on the tar roof. The two soon turned into many. Unfortunately the building was set for demolition, and the wrecking ball took its first crack. Mrs. Fitz watched in horror as the building started to crumble, surmising her flamingos were doomed and having no way to save them. However, the pink birds took action and flew away safely.
    My daughter has been obsessed with flamingos to this day and as a budding graphic designer/animator there may be more flamingos in our future.

  3. Fiona says

    I have been asked time and time again for these as I used to stock them but cannot find the wholesale supplier at all, even though I’ve tried to research HHC, I thought maybe they’d stopped doing them! Now that you’ve posted this I’ll get back online again. My customers can’t get enough of these!

  4. Deb says

    We carry 2 in our motorhome, put them out when we park for a few days and people are always to buy them from us!

  5. MrsErinD says

    We have 2 pink flamingos in our yard, have had them for a few years, but they musta been cheap ones because they are all faded now, almost white, so I think I will have to order these, it is a good price, and probably better made. They are so cute! I just adore pink flamingos! :O)

  6. Palm Springs Stephan says

    My local True Value hardware store carries these original flamingos. They even keep a couple of them out front in the landscaping during business hours. With all the MCM homes here, they are very popular.

  7. PattyPetunia says

    I just set mine outside last night and thought I should get a new pair as mine have become faded! They are Featherstone from before the sale; but have been out in the sun too much! I have seen some at my (local) craft & wedding supply place but didn’t check to see if they had Featherstone signature..but I’m going to look. I want to get some more and maybe clear seal spray them to keep them vibrant..
    My grandmother DID have the white ones in the 60’s; Sno-mingoes I think they are called??

  8. says

    Pink flamingos are all the rage in our 1950s Dallas neighborhood. We’ve had a few discussions on where to find them so thanks for the information!

  9. says

    I am devastated to find that I cannot have these shipped to Australia! Oh what joy they would bring to my front yard! My yard is already full of colourful parrots on a daily basis, but these Flamingos would just put it into the Bliss category. Sigh.

  10. says

    I have two stuck in a planter on my balcony in Sunny Miami (where else)! I remember my parents putting these in the lawn growing up in the 80’s (Miami Vice fever in full effect…). I knew i had to get some when I moved.

    • pam kueber says

      Thanks, George. Wow, that looks like some therapy to repaint a blow mold. Note the Disclaimer on the site, folks, and you know what I say: Be sure to be aware of all environmental and safety issues.

  11. Steve says

    There was a dapper pair of flamingos in the storage compartment of our 1956 Aloha travel trailer. Maybe not original equipment, but an very important accessory nevertheless!

  12. Pat says

    I bought a couple of these from eBay, made sure they were Don Featherstone ones. They are really nice, but now I don’t want to put them outside to get weathered, they are sitting in their box!

  13. Lou Meigs says

    Thanks Pam! I saw this just before leaving for my heart surgery and ordered them. My father in law says they arrived just a day after we left for the hospital. They are great. Kev is going to sink them in concrete molds and plant them in the garden so they don’t wander off. Thanks for giving me a smile!

  14. sarah says

    i can’t wait to have a bride and groom set at my wedding. they are going to arrive by don featherstone him self. cant wait to see what they look like. if you are in st. louis you might take a small chance of running into him

  15. Shara says

    You can also get these at Menards and Farm & Fleet. I have metal flamigos, which are going to be replaced by plastic ones this year.

  16. Sue says

    I have 2 concrete pink flamingos and am trying to get an idea of what they might be worth. They look pretty old – I’ve had them for 15-20 years. Anyone have any ideas?

  17. Sue says

    Sorry, Pam – just found this site.
    I was also given some plastic flamingos years ago as a house warming present – every time I mowed the grass I’d move them around the yard. For the winter (I lived in the NE) I’d move them into the backyard (south for the winter). The first year they looked so cold, I knitted red, white and green scarfs and leg warmers! In the spring they’d re-appear in the front yard (north, of course) dressed in Easter best with straw hats, glasses and bows! True “snow birds”! It was great fun!!

    • pam kueber says

      No problem, Sue, sorry if I sounded harsh. Welcome!!!! Send pics of your flamingos in their seasonal gear if you get a chance!

  18. anthony says

    Hi there, just wanted you to know that for us seacoast New Englanders, “Newbury Comics” sells these flamingos in-store for about $15/pair. since Union products (Leominister, MA, which made the Don Featherstone flamingos went out of business, a company called Faster Form (Binghamton, NY) has bought rights and is selling them again, exactly as the originals . it’s where i get mine wicked cheap.

  19. says

    This weekend we were down at the Gulf of Mexico hanging out at the beach and we saw a teardrop trailer with two pink flamingos and some palm trees sitting outside of it. The whole sceen just looked cool. I totally want to buy some for our yard!

  20. Kitty says

    A lot of HOA’s (Homeowner’s Associations …our old one in Myrtle Beach comes to mind) have banned these flamingos from neighborhoods. I appreciate your efforts to save the flamingo before it becomes an endangered species!

    • Joe Felice says

      I am an HOA manager, and I decry the efforts of some control freaks to ban personal expressions of beauty and whimsy. HOAs allow potted plants & flowers, so why not lawn ornaments? They aren’t permanent, and do not constitute an architectural change, for which permission would be required. I, for one, think we could use more whimsy in our world, and in our lives. Here in Denver, they built a big blue bear on the east side of the convention center, and he is peering in at the occupants. There is also a statue of 2 skinny figures, about 20 ft. tall, dancing on the lawn in front of the Performing-Arts Center. Whenever I see these, a smile comes to my face. They just evoke positive feelings, the same ones I get when I drive down a street and see flamingos.

  21. Scott says

    I guess I have always thought of pink flamingos as a very fun but perhaps bit too much for me type of thing, but the fact that they are still being made from the original molds, and in the USA to boot, have made me look at them in a whole new way. I really enjoyed the history lesson on the birds too, very fun reading. I think there is a fine line between delightful mid-century whimsy and kitsch but I may have to throw caution to the wind and let a few of these creatures loose on my lawn this year. :-)

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