Mod Squad kitchen cabinets

Just about the time Rebecca asked me for some suggestions for renovating her 1961  kitchen, I ran across these mod 60s 70s style cabinets online. These doors have a baked-on thermofoil finish, which enables durable, high-gloss colors. The orange looks very pleasing indeed … the  “olive” by any other name would be called “avocado”… and their red looks pretty authentic 60s 70s. In fact, neighbors of mine — who updated their kitchen in the mid-60s in a very high fashion, high-end style — have red cabinets just like this. I declare this style and these colors: Smokin’ hot!

These mod squad kitchen cabinets — “Norara” door style with Pull #1 — are from Holiday Kitchens. Cindy used Holiday’s laminate doors for her kitchen and bathroom updates and is quite satisfied. I’ve been featuring a number of their door styles, and have a few more yet to add to our list of mid-century appropriate kitchen resources.


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  1. Cindy says

    Holiday Kitchens is the company I used for laminate cabinets four years ago and they are perfect for my 60s ranch. That said…..If I had waited and done my kitchen today I might just have used these beautiful ones!! The colors are awesome. I’ll use them in my next retro redo!

  2. Julie says

    I love these, but do they have any pictures of them used in a kitchen? I’d love to see what they look like in their “natural habitat”.

  3. Rebecca Prichard says

    Julie, I am with you! I told Pam I needed to “see it!” I LOVE the orange and olive. What floor would go with these? Why don’t the pulls seem 60’s to me?

  4. Dot says

    Love the cabinets. As for the pulls not seeming 60’s… what I love about this site, is that the products you use don’t have to be ‘authentic’, in fact many of the products Pam shows us can simply be retro-inspired. Thanks Pam.

  5. Liz Stanislawski says

    I cannot locate the Holiday Kitchen source to purchase these cabinets… Can you help?
    Please and thank you

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