The largest bathroom salvage yard in the world – now on video

Breaking News: New video now available from Miscellanea Discontinued Bathroomware — aka Broken Bog — the largest bathroom fixture salvage yard in Britain and, I imagine, the world. I am going to England for vacation this summer, and hope to visit. Yes. “What did you do on your summer vacation?” Ummm: “I went to see 50,000 old tubs, toilets and sinks — it was heaven.”


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  1. dotty says

    How many toilets can you fit into a suitcase? I don’t think it would look suspiscious 🙂 I think you could easily come up with an explanation at airport security.

  2. Linda Blackmore says

    This is funny. Only house nuts would get excited about used toilets!! Aren’t we a strange bunch!!

  3. says

    Hey Pam, you never came to see us last summer! I only just saw your post on here, sorry or I would have offered you a cup of tea – maybe that would’ve swung it? Anyway, let me know if you get over here again. We get a lot of interest from the US through your site so we owe you a guided tour at the very least!

    • pam kueber says

      Yes, Sam, I looked at it on a map and it was just a wee too far for me. Next time, for sure!

  4. Gavin in the UK says

    If you get as far North as Aberdeen in Scotland, you’re welcome to drop in for a cuppa with us and see our Mid Century Modern butterfly roofed house. Best regards, Gavin

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