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  1. Alice says

    Pam, I’ve been catching up on the The Dick Van Dyke show compliments of and in several episodes the Dishmaster is in the Petrie kitchen!

    • pam kueber says

      Alice, I recall talking to the Dishmaster folks about this… but they say that the faucet in the Petrie house is not a Dishmaster. Back in the day, there were a few competitors/pretenders… I’ve seen an ad, it’s bookmarked in my stash somewhere… good spotting, though!

      • Mark Elsesser says

        The kitchen “faucetry” on The DVD Show changed a few times… but the most prominent contraption visible through much of the series was the Electro*Sink*Center, which included a Dishmaster-like appendage. The unit was manufactured by Electro Way Corp. in Los Angeles. Please see my 12/28/09 posting under “Tappan push-button plumbing – 1963”

  2. Jackie says

    I love the floor! If anyone is looking for a built in pink oven, there are three of them, yes THREE! At Habitat for Humanities Restore in Buffalo, NY. There was also a pretty cool teal sink/toilet and some other accessories to go with them. 🙂 I rent right now, but I thought someone might want to go grab them.

  3. Helen says

    I have been trying to figure out how to finish my floor and was leaning towards cork, but after seeing the floor I think that I might want to go that route. It would look FAB and using the olive green in place of the blue and leaving the cream and red would pull the colors in from my living room and this is something that I could do myself instead of hiring it done. I KNEW there was a reason I logged on this morning!!

  4. punkrockmartha says

    my friend directed me to your site as i’m starting to restyle an 80s mobile home, and this was one of the first pics that really caught my attention. i was gazing jealously at it, trying to take in all the details- and i realized that’s almost the exact stove i just bought!! i’m def using those armstrong tiles, too, and that layout gave me many ideas. love the site, thanks for all the inspiration!

    • pam kueber says

      Sandy, those look a bit like a red toile du jouy on cream background. I’d recommend you try: Country Curtains.

      • jamie menges says

        I have been looking everywhere for those curtains too! The same curtains (or really similar ones) are in the living room as well. I have watched it over and over and they are not toile du jouy they are more like a floral design or something. Does ANYONE have any ideas! I REALLY would like to put them in my kitchen!

  5. June says

    I am going crazy trying to find the fabric used for those curtains. Every time I watch the show I fixate on the windows. I now think they are a toile damask as I do not see any human figures in the print.

    There is no way to contact the set designer. I hope we get a response here.

  6. Scott Zeigler says

    I’m on a mission to find a china cabinet/hutch like the one on the show. My wife says she wants one just like it. Can anyone point me in a likely direction?

    Please and thank you!!

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