8 vintage style Elkay drainboard sinks for a midcentury kitchen remodel

vintage style drainboard sinks from elkay

When I wrote about Joe and his project to replace his timeworn porcelain drainboard sink with a similar, new Elkay stainless steel model, I had the darnedest time finding the Elkay examples on their website. As in: I could not find them at all. Elkay’s communications team was very helpful, though. So, here for your reference — shown above — are the eight models and model-numbers of Elkay Lustertone stainless steel drainboard sinks you may want to consider for your retro kitchen renovation. They start at 48″ wide, one drainboard, one bowl… and go all the way up to 84″ wide, two drainboards, two bowls.

1953 lustertone sink

I love these drainboard sinks, because (1) they are original vintage authentic — the same as they ever was… And, because a stainless steel drainboard is about as durable as you can get. I have Never heard of a stainless steel sink wearing out. DH really wanted one for our kitchen, but our salvaged Geneva cabinets came with four porcelain drainboard sinks, so I used one of those.

2011 elkay stainless steel drainboard sink installed onto a vintage steel kitchen cabinet

Joe's new Elkay drainboard sink -- installed on his vintage Beauty Queen steel sink base

As you can see from my screen shots of the eight Lustertone drainboard sinks from Elkay’s website, these puppies are not inexpensive. Note, however: The prices shown are Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices (MSRPs). I typed one model number — S5419 (circled in the lead photo, above) — into google and, but quick, pulled up all kinds of online retailers discounting the MSRP by 1/3 or so. Maybe you can do even better with some deeper dive research once it’s clear what you need. Also, you should check if you can get similar discounts locally, through a brick-and-mortar store. For example, I checked online, and Lowes, Home Depot and Menards all carry Elkay (although these drainboards are not shown). It’s always nice to order something expensive like this from a “real” store — so that if there is a problem you may have better recourse. That said: Check the return policies on special orders wherever you buy.

elkay drainboard sinkFinally, if you want to aim for a super-deal, stalk your Re-Store and craigslist. These sinks are out there…. and like I said, they never drr, wear out. So with time and patience, you may be able to score a used sink at a phenomenal price compared to new-.

Link –> To find the Elkay stainless steel drainboard sink of your choice – type the model number — these are circled in my lead photo above — into the search box on Elkay’s homepage here.



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  1. sherree says

    As much as I love them, not sure if everyone can afford them. IKEA sells similar sinks for less than $300, complete with drainboard.

  2. Amanda says

    Thanks for that info. I spoke to several stores in my town about these sinks, having seen them mentioned here. I could find them all over the internet but none of my local stores would order one. They all looked on the Elkay website and said, “nope, doesn’t exist”. I’m finding it really hard to find the materials necessary for my vintage kitchen reno. I’m hearing a lot of “nope, it doesn’t exist”. Linoleum? Nope, doesn’t exist. Drainboard sinks? Nope, doesn’t exist. Boomerang linoleum? Nope, doesn’t exist.

    Thanks for providing such comprehensive information. Next time I go to a store I will go armed with details and hopefully get a little further 🙂

    • Lynn-O-Matic says

      Where do you live, Amanda? I’m surprised you’re having trouble finding linoleum. Pretty much every flooring store here in Missoula, MT carries Forbo’s Marmoleum, and several carry other brands like Armstrong. Good luck with the remodel!

  3. Heather S says

    Hmmm.. the house I’m buying has original red linen laminate countertops, but there is a large burn mark near the sink. Putting in a wider drainboard sink might be a way to cut out the burned area but keep the rest of my counter… the old porcelain sink is pretty stained, even after cleaning, so it wouldn’t be a total loss to see it go.. especially if it fixes the problem with the counter. These look great…

  4. MCM is Grand says

    On this Labor Day weekend, I would like to thank Pam for her year-round LABOR and research that results in making all of our projects a little easier. Your sink research has saved us lots of time and hassle. THANK YOU!!

  5. Melissa says

    Just a question for readers. Do you prefer stainless steel or porcelain sinks?? I have a stainless steel one now and get so frustrated with the water spots that accumulate. It never looks clean to me. I used to have white porcelain and felt like it always looked cleaner. But from reading comments I see that they can get stained. What is your preference?

  6. lynda davis says

    I have had my Elkay Lustretone sink with a drainboard since 1977 when we built our house. We have maple butcher block counters that have Waterlox finish on them. I think the sink and the counters still look wonderful with the original white cabinets and Elon tile floor. The sink shines up with Gel Gloss or Mass metal cleaner. If I were doing a new house, I would use a sink with a drainboard again. The gauge of the stainless Elkay sink is heavier than the sinks at Ikea.

  7. Eva says

    Does anyone know how much a vintage stainless steel sink like this goes for? I have one that I stored away when I remodeled my kitchen.

  8. 1952Lex says

    Just moved into a house near Boston which is bursting at the seams with vintage, mint condition midcentury decor and appliances; NOTHING has been updated but has all been kept in perfect condition, it’s like a museum! Your site has been so refreshing! I now know we have a Lustertone Elkay sink (S4819), I was amazed to see this post and look forward to more discoveries!

  9. CaraZ says

    Just found this site and will spend the weekend here!

    Thanks for this page. We put a vintage 60″ drainboard sink into our remodeled kitchen 9 yrs ago. It is dull, however – the refinish lasted a week, maybe – and I didn’t know of any alternatives. We need another 60″ sink, and an Elkay would be perfect. I see that this article is 2 yrs old; hope they still make ’em! (I am pretty sure I searched elkay.com; well, glad you found them.

  10. kate says

    I am happy to have found this site. We are remodeling our kitchen and I happened to pick up a very gently used Elkay Lustertone ILR4322R this morning at my local Building Resource/Recycle center for just under $40 – so they’re definitely available on the reuse market. Now I’m searching for examples of how others are using the sink in their kitchen projects.

  11. Robert Proctor says

    I’ve been trying to find someone who can give me some info on a vintage Elkay 3 bowl sink/Nutone food center combo. It measures 22″ X 54″. The motor runs perfect, and I have most all attachments that came with it along with original box and owners manual and recipe book. Purchased this home built in 1937, and we remodeled the kitchen and removed this unit before we realized what it was. We found box of attachments a week after we moved in! I haven’t found any like it, even after searching the internet! Any info would help me, I want to sell to someone who wants to go vintage.

    • Juliet says

      Hi Robert,

      I have a smaller sink with a built in Nutone center–the sink was made by Elkay. My house was built in the 60’s, but I believe the sink is from the 70’s, and the motor is shot, and I don’t have any of the accessories. Please let me know if you are still looking for a buyer–I live in the Seattle area.

  12. Jo Deppe says

    How does one deal with the seam created by the drainboard sink and the adjoining countertop? I am planning a stainless drainboard sink and marble countertops. Do I need to attach them together and how do you keep crumbs and liquids out?

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