26 places to buy restored vintage stoves

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I have been blogging about midcentury home design since 2006, but my very first piece of published writing about home design in 1995 — an article about vintage stoves for the now-defunct Ann Arbor News. Vintage stoves were first becoming popular around then. I have been a fan ever since and today, have a circa-1959 GE Pushbutton electric in my kitchen. When we did a story a while ago about where to get your vintage appliances fixed, a number of readers had suggestions and experiences to share about vintage stove restoration experts. Over on the Forum, Karl T. also suggested suppliers. I did some additional research and came up with an expanded list — the readers added more in their comments, below — and we now have 12 13 14 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 places to get your vintage stove restored… to buy a restored vintage stove… and to find parts and service for vintage stoves:

Note, before you buy, understand what you are paying for. Depending on condition, stoves may require *just* cleaning … an expert can tell you whether it needs new wiring, insulation, pilots, burners … and then, there are the so-called “remanufactured” stoves — in which the stove is completely disassembled, rechromed, re-porcelained, re-everythinged (pretty much), then put back together as “new”, for all intents and purposes.

Restored vintage stoves — West and Southwest

Restored vintage stoves — Midwest

Vintage stove restoration — Southeast

Vintage stove restoration — East Coast

Note: Thanks so many readers for the contributions to build this list — keep ‘em coming. Also, thanks to Todd at chambers.net for a number of these leads. This seems to be the go-to place for Chambers’ info!

Please know: I do not have personal experience with these resources, so I am not endorsing them…. Please make sure that you do your own research to verify that you are working with safe, experienced, properly licensed professionals with a proven reputation. And, as Lara Jane commented in the original story:

To follow up on Pam’s post, I know a lot of people on other home improvement sites were scammed by a guy restoring vintage stoves (some they’d sent to him, some were advertised on his site). Be careful who you give your money to, and if possible, use a credit card with buyer protection!

Yes, as with any purchase of this magnitude — please do due diligence regarding the companies you are engaging with.

For Do It Yourselfers: Check out The Old Appliance Club. Please take care, though — consult with a professional about proper safety and environmental issues you need to know!

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  1. Ed M says

    You might add Carolina’s Appliances to your list. I have not been to the main store but saw their booth in an antique store in the Circle of Orange CA. Here is a link to their website: http://www.carolinasappliances.net/ I just bought a 1937 house so I am in the market for a vintage stove and this list is going to be very handy, thanks!

  2. JJ Hughes says

    We had our vintage O’Keefe & Merritt restored at Macy’s Classic Stove Works in Houston, Texas. Those guys are amazing. They drove up to Austin to pick up our stove and then several months later brought it back; on what turned out to be the hottest day in the history of summer in Austin. I felt so sorry for them I gave up on the soda and just passed out beer. I’ve never seen such a grateful group of guys. Anyway, you can contact them here:

    Web site: http://www.macysclassicstoveworks.net/?page_id=35

    Physical address:
    2706 Collingsworth Street
    Houston, TX 77026

    PH: 713 521 0934 or 713 528 1297 FAX: 713 521 0889

    e-mail: Macysclassicstoves@comcast.net

    • Danny Cantrell says

      I sure hope you are right about Macy’s Classic Stove Works! IThey picked up a 1948 Maytag Dutch Oven today for refurbishing. I will let you know how it turns out. Not alot of choices in the Houston area for companies to refurbish this type of thing.

  3. Trisha says

    I recently aquired an okeefe and merritt stove that has four burners on the right and a griddle on the left. It has a kindler on the left and a single oven and broiler. It also has a timer and cooking instructions in circles as well as salt/pepper shaker on one side and a flour shaker on the other. The serial number has been rubbed off. Any idea on the year

  4. Suzanne says

    Send pix & your description to the vintage stove store nearest you. They’ll know. If they don’t, try another. My 6-burner stove with 2 ovens is 1940s, possibly pre-war. Yours may be older if you have to light the pilot every time.
    Good luck! (and let us know)

  5. clara says

    I love looking at these post and photos from all the different sites listed. I was wondering if anyone knows of a site near Kentucky. I have did my own search and can’t find any. I would love to redo my kitchen and add either a Chambers or Imperial Flair stove to it. I had a brand new range when we moved in and like they say “nothing is as good as the old” I set the new range to self-cleaning and it got so hot that it melted the rubber piece around the smooth stop and some type of shiny substance appeared cause of the heat. Needless to say we got another “new” range and it still has problems. I told hubby, if and when I get to redo this kitchen I’m looking for an old faithful. He thinks I’m nuts but hey, that’s what makes this world go around. Thanks for reading

    • Suzanne says

      You can’t go wrong with O’Keefe & Merritt. However, they were manufactured in California, & may be hard to find outside of the West Coast. You’re right–older is better, except they’re not self-cleaning. My 40s O&M is the best stove I’ve ever had, & I’ve been cooking & baking for longer than I want to admit!

  6. Clara Dodson says

    Hey again, I came across an Imperial Flair Double Oven with the rotissere and all books. What is your opinion on this particular stove. Hubby said he doesn’t care for the Chambers cause we’d have to have a gas line ran plus having to redo the kitchen area. So I was wondering if any of your readers know much about Flair

    • Tim says

      Clara – the Flair is a beautiful kitchen appliance! Why no one is making a similar stove/oven today is a mystery to me. The over the counter ovens, w/ the gull-winged doors, and the stow away burners are a great feature. About my only complaint is that the ovens are shallow, being only about 14″ deep inside. Cooking some things like a full size pizza (@ 16″), does pose an issue – we had to modify our pizza pans to fit the ovens [?!]. There is cookware from Frigidare designed for this model, however it’s all Aluminum (not great for health reasons), and it is pricey. If you are indeed looking for a Flair, and happen to be in the Pacific NW (?), let me know…We’ve chosen to go with gas in our MCM remodel (for cooking reasons) and our flair is electric. Good luck!

  7. James says

    Stove Clock Repair in Grove, Okla., can rebuild your non-working clock and guarantee it. I have used them twice – once for my oven and another time for a friend’s oven. The price is very reasonable and the clocks were back to me within a week. http://www.stoveclockrepair.com

  8. Jen M. says

    My husband and I recently bought a 1950 ranch in MA and everything is vintage. We need to additional room in our kitchen and are looking to sell the 1950 Crosley stove (electric) which came with the house. It is in mint condition and was recently refurbished by the original owner, she loved her stove! It is in working condition, I have been cooking on it for the past 6 months. Looking for any insight re: Crosley stoves and a possible market for resale.

  9. Fran says

    I have a 1950′s Chambers C that needs some refurbishing. Nice porcelain and chrome, but rusting inside. Needs a good cleaning and some parts. I live just outside of Philadelphia. Very expensive to ship to NY. Anyone know of a restoration place or person in the Philly, NJ Delaware area. Thanks for the help!

    • Lorraine says

      Fran, don’t know if you solved your problem but I shipped my chambers C to Mattera Stove works in RI from NY. It cost under $300 to get her there.

  10. Evan Degenfelder says

    I may be showing my ignorance, but is there anywhere to buy a vintage (1945-1955) gas cook top? Surely all counter cook tops were not electric, right? I’m so exasperated looking all over the web with no luck. We are restoring a 1947 ranch style home. The kitchen has an electric cooktop and wall oven. I just don’t like cooking with electric, much prefer gas. I can’t imagine that all the built in cooktops were electric.
    What are the options? Pull it all out and go with a restored gas range? That would mean changing the cabinetry. Drop in a modern gas cooktop? Help! lol. Anyone have any ideas?

    • says

      We get a lot of these come through our shop from time to time. Common brand names are Chambers (they made an incredible built in cooktop and oven), Western-Holly and O’Keefe and Merritt.

      I have to be honest, except for the Chambers (kinda) they really don’t move out here in San Diego so we end up using them as organ donors.

      Pam is right. CraigsList is a great resource.


  11. says

    Hey! What about us? We have been in business since 1997 serving the San Diego County and Northwest Baja area with the Sales Service and Parts for Vintage pre-1965 gas cookstoves.

    Is there some reason why we weren’t mentioned? We pride ourself on our customer service and our on-line reviews are stellar.

    • Paul says


      I just acquired a home in Salt Lake that was built in 1891. Inside is an old O’Keefe & Merritt gas stove. Base on the pictures on the Internet it is from the 1930s or 1940s. If you are interested I can take pictures.

  12. fran says

    Hi Lorraine,
    I received your comment about shipping your Chambers C from NY to RI for under $300. Did the repair company (who did you use) recommend someone or did you make those arrangements on your own? I know there’s an old stove refurbishing co. in NY. Was there a reason you didn’t use them?
    I’m in PA (1/2 hr outside Philly) and would love to find a place to refurbish my Chambers C. Thanks again for the help!

    • lorraine says

      Hi Fran

      I used Don up in RI. He seems to be the go-to guy for Chambers stoves on the east coast. I wanted to use someone who knows these stoves inside and out. It’s been about 6+ months but my baby will finally be ready in the next day or two. Cant wait to see her. I used Don’s guy Tommy to ship. He lives near me in LI but the stove will be shipped to NC next so I expect the cost to be much higher than the first trip. Considering the heft I think his prices are reasonable. Tommy’s number is 516-526-9900. Leave him a message, he’ll get back to you if he’s on the road.

      • fran says

        Thanks Lorraine. What is the name of Don’s business? Contact info?
        If you don’t mind me asking what condition was yours in and how much work did it need? Can you give me a ball park as far as cost? Just trying to estimate out the full cost with shipping. Thanks for all your feedback.

  13. michelle says

    antique stove heaven in harbor city, ca (you have it listed as los angeles) is THE BEST. they have been in business for a million years and throughly take every stove apart and clean and repair every piece. i had a stove i got on ebay redone by them and it’s AMAZE BALLS, i couldn’t be happier and it’s way better than any of my friends viking or wolff…not to mention mine actually has character and soul. check them out, ask for ray the owner or marco his right hand man.

  14. KM says

    Another endorsement for Antique Stove Heaven. I bought my ’28 Magic Chef on Ebay. They had done the original restoration and they moved it from the seller’s house to mine and installed it. I haven’t needed many service calls but they have been great on all of them

  15. Paulene Russo says

    Highly recommend Dream Stoves in Mokelumne Hill, CA. Seached numerous sites and spoke with as many vendors via phone. Christian Maupin delivered 100% as contracted plus was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and easy to work with even with the challenge of shipping the finished product to the East Coast.

  16. Christine E says

    My husband and I have an O’Keefe & Merritt Stove 38 1/2″ in excellent condition, fully functioning. We live in Santa Cruz, California and are looking for a good home/buyer for it. Any ideas how to find someone who might be interested in it?

    • pam kueber says

      I’d recommend craigslist. Also, there are a number of companies in California that restore these stoves – you might try to sell it direct to them.

    • Jean says

      Hi Christine,
      You might want to try Retrospect Mid Century Modern in Aptos, (831) 524-5681. Their store is drool-worthy. I’m not sure if they buy appliances, but Aptos is in your neck of the woods so they might be worth a try.

  17. Carol Rice says

    We are antique dealers and have a booth in Heart of Ohio, in Springfield. We recently brought a Wedgewood stove (very similar to O’Keefe & Merritt) to our booth. It is a double oven – 40″ – with windows in both doors and a griddle in the middle of the burners and has the original salt and pepper shakers. Lots of chrome!
    Your readers are right – it’s very hard to find these stoves unless you are on the West Coast, so if your readers are in the vicinity of Ohio, this would be a chance to get that great look without traveling to California.

    • Alicia Caulfield says

      Carol I would be interested in looking at Wedgewood stove if you still have it. Thanks, Alicia

      • Carol Rice says

        Hello Alicia,

        Thank you for your interest in our Wedgewood stove. It is still available, and is in our booth at Heart of Ohio, in Springfield, Ohio. Booth location is 8119.

        Would you be able to see it there?


      • Carol says

        Hi Alicia -

        According to Pam’s request, I posted on the forum page for buying and selling. Thank you for your interest.

  18. Carol Rice says

    A store in Austin, Texas – Appliance Associates carries vintage stoves and has a restoration service. It is at 814 Romeria Drive.
    512-454-5596. Their regular website, appliance associates.com doesn’t appear to have a link to the restoration service or the restored stoves for sale, but you can find this information at

    • Michael & Tracy Bertch says

      Appliance Associates redid our Savoy Universal from a dirty antique display to a well-functioning domestic…we have used it for the last 20 years without a problem at 9,318 feet! It shares the kitchen with a Monarch white porcelain wood-coal burner which we also use…

  19. Mike says

    Is there anyone out there that has parts, or restores vintage Norge ranges? I have a 1955 Norge gas range, and need some parts. I’m finding that this is a rare make, there is not much info out there for these.

    • pam kueber says

      You can contact the companies listed here, plus we have an FAQ on other places you might try for help… FAQs are in the navigation at the top.

  20. Evan says

    I have written before here about our difficulty in finding a gas cook top. I’ve watched CL to no avail and none of the above mentioned sites seem to have a gas counter top range. We are restoring a 1948 ranch style home that has a built in oven and an electric cook top. We want to go with gas because we prefer cooking w/gas. I know they were made because I’ve seen old ads from the 40s and 50s showing GAS cook tops, but after a couple of years I still haven’t found one. Anyone have further ideas?

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