1957 Sputnik house — midcentury modern time capsule house in Houston’s Glenbrook neighborhood

midcentury modern house in houston the sputnik house in glenbrookOne guess why everyone calls this the ‘Sputnik House’. Yes, the original owner put that huge sputnik light in the entrance when the family moved in, in 1957, says real estate agent Robert Searcy. Robert has just listed this gorgeous mid century modern house in Houston’s Glenbrook neighborhood for sale. You may recall that Robert is the agent who sent us the photos of the Swankienda house. It’s right down the street from the Sputnik. Oh my, what a street! Thanks and link love to Robert Searcy and to TK Images for immediately supplying me with these photos to feature. We love our time capsule houses, yes we do. Although they make us all jealous because we do not all have rooflines that look like eagles ready to take flight, where we can hang fantastic sputnik lights.

Here is what the listing says about this 2,334 s.f. house, which has three bedrooms, two baths and is listed for $192,500:

The Sputnik house, one of the Glenbrook historic districts most iconic homes. A stellar restored mid-century mod on a premier block with many upgrades yet original character intact. Original vintage tile baths & swank light fixtures. Mod doorplates & original hardware professionally polished. Study ith wall of storage, front living + open den/dining area w/vaulted beamed ceiling, poured terrazzo & fireplace.

And, sit back, here is the photo tour: 

And Robert sent me these from his cell phone:

The original owners had the groove thing going on, that’s for sure!

The original pink appliances were replaced but stored in the garage. If you want to have them repaired and reinstalled for a more vintage look, they can be conveyed with the property.

Gorgeous. Thank you again, Robert and TK Images, keep sending these my way, and we’ll show them to the appreciative mid mod world — including potential buyers, stat!

Repeating the link love:


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  1. Lena_P says

    The dark kitchen cabinets weren’t gelling with me until I saw the pink appliances. That’s a great combo! I love soft pink with a rich brown, but I’ve never seen it used in a kitchen. It ties in beautifully with the pinkish bricks and built-ins of the great room.

    I do wonder what a “worshop” room is, though. Did the agent mean workshop or worship? Houston does have many Indian residents after all … although my Hindu friends generally keep their shrines to Ganesh on the smaller side.

    • pam kueber says

      Nope, I’m pretty sure it’s “worship” room. See the previous story (click link to Swankienda) for an explanation in the comments…

      • Robert S says

        Oops, no, workshop. Many houses in Glenbrook Valley do have built in prayer shrines and I know of one with a mini-chapel affair, this one has a study or workshop though, with a wall of built ins on one side. Mr. Stotler, the original owner who had the house custom built, designed the room for his radio operating hobby. It would make a great home office now, or crafts room, or yes, you could make a worship room out of it too.

  2. Lisa says

    I have a wild imagination…..I can just see some of the early NASA engineers, designers and yes Gemini astronauts going to a party there once they settled in Houston. I know, timing is a bit off, but it is an interesting visual, no?

  3. Terri Polick says

    Oh MY GOD. I love that house. I’d buy it in a heartbeat if I was planning to move into the area. Thank you for posting the pics.

  4. Jordanna says

    I am not a big one for dark wood kitchens, normally, but I really think the pale pink appliances would pop against all that chocolate. Perhaps mint or jadeite or Suburban Modern chartruese on the walls in there? Just to perk it up a little?

    And Houston real estate prices make this Sydney-dweller weep.

  5. Noir says

    Wow, that house is so amazing! And for that price! Here in Los Angeles I don’t think you could buy a garage for that little.

  6. erin moureau valdez says

    I lived in Glenbrook Valley as a small child. Such a wonderful a beautiful house. My 73 year old father still claims that was the best home he ever owned or lived in. Unfortunately, the area and schools have really gone down hill.

    • Robert S says

      Yes Erin, Glenbrook Valley is a transitional neighborhood that saw a cycle of decline that started probably some time during the oil bust. For awhile, nobody wanted it. Over the last 7 or 8 years, however, it has made a significant turn around as mid-century enthusiasts and others who just want to live close to town have come back in and started restoring the homes. The Historic District designation has also helped fuel this. International architecture group DoCoMoMo held a home tour there last year things continue to trend in a positive direction. This home, for example, went under contract within 2 days in a multiple offer situation and for above list price. Things are definitely looking up in there. You can’t have houses this nice, this close to town, this affordable, even by Houston standards, and not have people come back in at some point and pump new life into the neighborhood.

  7. Mcmmom says

    Oh wow – we have the chandelier version of the globe light (the one with the little glass bubbles) in our MCM in Houston. We had to get it re-wired, but now it works like a dream. And those of you knocking Houston – don’t knock it til you’ve tried it. We love it and definitely think its worth it (www.houstonitsworthit.com).

  8. Vicky H says

    OK–what cracks me up the most about this discussion is the “OMG–under $200,000!” comments.
    People–MOST homes in Houston are under $200,000!
    This particular house is fabulous, and it’s priced as a “nice house” not as a “steal”.

    Now, a lot of you buy a house that needs a little TLC in a transitional neighborhood and restore it.
    In Houston, that house will cost you under $100,000.
    No, I’m NOT kidding!
    For instance, >5 minutes on a real estate site and I found a 4-2, 2000sq.ft. in Glenbrook Valley for $75,000!

    I love Houston, I grew up here, & I’m glad to have moved back–ya’ll should all join me!

  9. Anne Walker says

    Been trying to track down pink appliances. Can anybody tell me what happened to those pictured in the article?

  10. Anne Walker says

    I responded to this article in April and never got an answer to my question. I would be happy with the clock unit in the oven on the left to replace a broken one on 1 of my existing in use ovens. Not sure how the glass got cracked & the timer went whacko, but I am sure that finding a replacement is next to impossible. Next, of course, being securing the one on the oven door pictured. As is, we turn the circuit off in the basement when the oven is not in use so that the reoccurring buzzing noise from the timer won’t drive us crazy. The oven will surely be fired up this Thanksgiving…would be so-o-o nice to have a replacement by then. Plz, someone respond as to the possible availability. Thanks!

  11. Tara Pogue says

    Hi Anne,
    I’m sorry I haven’t responded sooner. My husband and I are the current owners of this house. We haven’t re-installed the pink appliances- my husband is dead set against it- but every once in a while I work on him hoping he’ll change his mind :). They’re beautiful and in amazing condition. If we don’t ever put them back in, we’ve decided to leave them for the next owner.
    Thanks and good luck with your search!!

    Tara Pogue Donnelly

    • Anne Walker says

      I hear you Tara,
      Later is always better than never…thanks for the response. Keep plugging away, you never know. I think it very thoughtful of you to keep the appliances to see if the new occupants want them. Thanks for the well wishes & the best to you guys as well.

      • Tara Pogue says

        Beej – you know what? I totally agree. So I decided to get rid of the husband but keep the pink appliances! Win-win!! Restoring them will be ridiculously expensive, but I hope to do so one day!

        • Lee says

          Tara, I went to the estate sale at your home before you purchased it. I got two art panels that were in the dining area by the built in china cabinet. You can probably see the shadow where they were on the paneling unless you have refinished it. Anyway, I am going a different direction with my home and I no longer want the panels. Would you be interested in having them back for you home? I live in Garden Villas nearby. Please reply back and if you are interested we will figure out a way to get these to you. They are like fighting peacocks… Lots of blues like the light fixtures…

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