Jubilee kitchen wax — aka Johnson’s wax — is back!

Jubilee kitchen wax — is back. I received the news this morning. (Doesn’t this bottle look so pretty at the top of our homepage?) Here’s the scoop, so far:

The consumer sales representative for Malco, Products, Inc. wrote me:

We just licensed Jubilee® Kitchen Wax from SC Johnson and have it available on our website. I was hoping that you might be able to write about the product relaunch so consumers know they can find it now. As of know, it is only available on our website but we plan to have larger distribution soon.

I know that this was a very popular wax back in the day. I think that readers have brought it up before as a product they’d like to see back on the market. Here’s what Malco’s website say Jubilee can be used for:

Jubilee is an easy-to-use liquid furniture wax made especially for protecting while cleaning appliances, Formica laminated plastic, ceramic tile, enamel and wood.

Jubilee cannot scratch, never dulls, is stain resistant and puts down a tough, hard shine that protects surfaces while making spills easier to wipe clean. Jubilee removes: grease spots, soot, lipstick, food stains, crayon, fingerprints and yellow cooking films.

I asked the Malco rep right away, “Is it the same formulation as in the way-back-time-machine days?” She quickly replied:

As far as the formula goes, it is the original formula but we did have to change one raw material that was no longer available and made the product VOC complaint. We also re launched the product Grease Relief last year just FYI!  It is available on our website, Amazon and other online stores.

Can Jubilee really be used to brighten up laminate counter tops?

Grace Jeffers has told me “no” – that plastic doesn’t like wax, it likes polymers, because it’s a polymer. On the other hand, didn’t our moms and grannies etc. use Jubilee a lot a lot?

And look closely at the label in the lead photo on this story: “Fatal if swallowed.” READERS, NOTE!

Disclaimer: Here on the blog, as homeowners ourselves, we may try new cleaning products aimed at solving our own cleaning problems; if we think we’ve found something promising to consider, we may write about it. But, we are not professional chemists or engineers or home economists. So, please: Do your own research into these products and their suitability for your projects before trying them. More info in Terms of Use.


Jubilee kitchen wax video from back the 1960s (?)

Thanks reader Chad for spotting this!

Again, the linky link: Jubilee kitchen wax from Malco Products, Inc.

Readers, do you have memories of using Jubilee? What do you think of this announcement?



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  1. Virginia J. says

    I used Jubilee Kitchen Wax in my kitchen and bathrooms many years ago. Nothing compares to how well is cleans and shines your countetops and bathroom fixtures. Sticky dirt doesn’t want to cling to surfaces cleaned with Jubilee, so clean up is easier.

  2. Elinor Taylor says

    I always used Jubilee to shine and clean my kitchen cabinets and counter tops. Also used it in my bathrooms to clean and shine. I am thrilled that it’s available again !! 😀

  3. Debra says

    So can you use jubilee on Formica or Wilsonart punter tops or not and could you use it on stainless steel appliances

  4. Madelyn says

    In the 1960s mama always used jubilee to make the bathroom tub and sink shine. I’m sure we used it in the kitchen, too.
    Especially on the refrigerator. I am very happy to see it back on the market! I will definitely use it! Yay retro!!!

  5. myra says

    I grew up in the 60’s so I remember this product well. My Mom used it in our kitchen on all the appliances. I use it as well and love it.

  6. Judith Barnett says

    I used to use Jubilee in my kitchen all the time back when you could still buy it and loved the product. I am so happy to see it back!

  7. Patti Nearey says

    Exactly what I was searching for. MY mo used this for years so when I married in 1960 it was logical that I would too. Used it for years and then WHAM it was gone. So happy to see it back.

  8. Julie D says

    Omg! I kept telling my family about this bottle of white liquid that my mom always used twice a month in the whole kitchen … She swore by it…cabinets looked great up until they were replaced many many years later… Could never remember the name I just knew if I saw it! Cannot believe it’s out again… Great!!! just ordered two bottles !!!!!

  9. lynn tausch says

    I have periodically looked for this product since it disappeared. So glad it is available. Nothing since has worked as well.

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