Jubilee kitchen wax — aka Johnson’s wax — is back!

Jubilee kitchen wax — is back. I received the news this morning. (Doesn’t this bottle look so pretty at the top of our homepage?) Here’s the scoop, so far:

UPDATE: You can now get single bottles of Jubilee on Amazon (affiliate link):

The consumer sales representative for Malco, Products, Inc. wrote me:

We just licensed Jubilee® Kitchen Wax from SC Johnson and have it available on our website. I was hoping that you might be able to write about the product relaunch so consumers know they can find it now. As of know, it is only available on our website but we plan to have larger distribution soon.

I know that this was a very popular wax back in the day. I think that readers have brought it up before as a product they’d like to see back on the market. Here’s what Malco’s website say Jubilee can be used for:

Jubilee is an easy-to-use liquid furniture wax made especially for protecting while cleaning appliances, Formica laminated plastic, ceramic tile, enamel and wood.

Jubilee cannot scratch, never dulls, is stain resistant and puts down a tough, hard shine that protects surfaces while making spills easier to wipe clean. Jubilee removes: grease spots, soot, lipstick, food stains, crayon, fingerprints and yellow cooking films.

I asked the Malco rep right away, “Is it the same formulation as in the way-back-time-machine days?” She quickly replied:

As far as the formula goes, it is the original formula but we did have to change one raw material that was no longer available and made the product VOC complaint. We also re launched the product Grease Relief last year just FYI!  It is available on our website, Amazon and other online stores.

Can Jubilee really be used to brighten up laminate counter tops?

Grace Jeffers has told me “no” – that plastic doesn’t like wax, it likes polymers, because it’s a polymer. On the other hand, didn’t our moms and grannies etc. use Jubilee a lot a lot?

And look closely at the label in the lead photo on this story: “Fatal if swallowed.” READERS, NOTE!

Disclaimer: Here on the blog, as homeowners ourselves, we may try new cleaning products aimed at solving our own cleaning problems; if we think we’ve found something promising to consider, we may write about it. But, we are not professional chemists or engineers or home economists. So, please: Do your own research into these products and their suitability for your projects before trying them. More info in Terms of Use.


Jubilee kitchen wax video from back the 1960s (?)

Thanks reader Chad for spotting this!

Again, the linky link: Jubilee kitchen wax from Malco Products, Inc.

Readers, do you have memories of using Jubilee? What do you think of this announcement?


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  1. Sue Hulbert says

    I remember my mom using this alllll the time and she was a clean freak. We had a white vinyl chair and every week as a little kid I was given an old cloth diaper and the bottle of Jubilee to “polish the chair”. It also worked great on white leather tennis shoes. I also remember her polishing the frig with it.

  2. says

    Are there any free samples available at this time? This used to be my favorite polish for my Formica countertops and vinyl furniture. It worked wonders on the vinyl cover for the boat and the snowmobile seats. If they have added a UV protectant, that would be the most awesome addition o a wonderful older and loved product!!!!

    • pam kueber says

      Not that I know of, Maureen. But please read through the comments — there are plenty of places readers have identified where you can buy one bottle at a time…

  3. diane says


  4. Jerry says

    I used Jubilee for kitchen, shoes, floors and best of all a cars white car seats while I had two young boys growing up. Swore by it. Where can I get it now?

  5. Susan says

    I’m going to tell my mother about the Jubilee. She always used it on our kitchen cabinets. Nowadays, I’m the one who can use it — I’ve got Republic Steel cabinets. I’ve been using Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish. When I first discovered that it made everything GLEAM (not just shine, but GLEAM, and this includes glass doors, tabletops, mirrors) , I thought that I’d finally found a replacement for Jubilee. Though I’ll probably still love my Weiman, NOW I can have the Jubilee! Thanks for the news!!

  6. Randee says

    So sad to read on the bottles I just purchased that it should NOT be used on granite or stainless…so there goes my Jubilee smelling kitchen! :/ I will be returning the products

  7. Paula says

    Until now I hesitated to use Jubilee on my leather dining room chairs. Well, they look fantastic! It turned the leather to a rich brown color – at least a million dollars worth. :)

  8. Phoebe says

    I know that Vermont Country store carries Jubilee but they are way over priced and shipping on top of that. I have been looking for it for ages. Where else can I buy it. When will more stores have it and which ones. I love JUBILEE.

  9. Cindy says

    I’ve heard some Ace Hardware stores carry it. Others will order it for you by the case. Call first (unless you have some major cleaning and need 12 bottles).

  10. kevin says

    Ace Hardware stocks it in its warehouses but doesn’t necessarily have it on the store shelves unless requested from customers due to space limitations. I contacted my local franchise owner from the website and did so. They will sell them both individually and by the case. The individual unit price is exactly 1/12 of the bulk price–around $6.00 if memory serves.

  11. Pat says

    We used Jubilee in our kitchen when I was a little girl and my mom and I loved it. Great cleaner, and made our appliances and counters look so nice. Loved the smell, too. It also made things clean up so easily for quite awhile after cleaning with it. Spills and marks wiped up much easier. So glad to hear it is available again. Now to find out where I can get it. Thanks for bringing it back. When I grew up and got married I used it in my home, too.

  12. Janice says

    I used this product for my white / flecked with gold Formica counters for years. I didn’t have to worry about blueberries, I would reapply a little on a rag and it came out spotless.

  13. Carol says

    Looked forever for Jubilee, a staple in my mother’s house! I agree the spray was more convenient, but at least it’s back. (Maybe I’ll try sticking a pump sprayer into the bottle.)

    I just found it at Midland Hardware’s website for $4.47 a bottle. They stock lots of old-timey favorites and the shipping isn’t too crazy.


    I ordered two bottles of Jubilee, along with two bottles of Noxon 7 metal polish and a nice sized box of Spic N Span. Total was $28.66, and they shipped FedEx.

    Though I love Noxon, I’m going to try the Weiman’s polish mentioned by another poster.

    *Happily stepping into the way-back machine!*

    • linda gitschlag says

      Hi, Carol, I have used Weiman’s for some time and have yet to be disappointed. Like one other commenter said, it makes things gleam, not just shine. That is one thing I like about it.
      Linda G.

  14. Anna says

    Wow! I don’t know why this cleaner/wax popped into my head today, but it did so I Googled to see if it was even made anymore. My mom used to have me clean the fridge and stove with Jubilee all the time. Funny thing is, even though I hated the “chore” itself (I was around 9 or 10 at the time), I liked the smell of the cleaner. I hope I can find some around where I live (Bloomington, IL). I would love to have it to clean all my appliances now. Thanks for the info!

  15. Barbara Wegley says

    I loved Jubilee and have been looking for it. I always used it on the tile walls around the tub and shower. I’m hoping I can still do that but will also use it in the kitchen now.

  16. Nancy Mette says

    I found an old spray can of Jubilee that got buried when we moved several years ago! It still works great and I love it. I have tried every polish, cleaner there is, but nothing works as good as Jubilee Wax. I am going to check ACE Hardware in Jax FL to see if they have any. Not really wild about ordering things on line anymore than I have to.
    THANK YOU for bring Jubilee back…it is my favorite household cleaner.

  17. Joan says

    I have a couple of spray can’s I’ve used for years in my bathrooms. It keeps the faucet and sinks shiny. We need Jubilee in the spray cans. I’m running out.

  18. Sara Price says

    Thrilled to see this product back!! Not for kitchens (tho’ it was great for that) but it cleans doll bodies!!

  19. mary graybill says

    I used jubilee for years and loved it for kitchens, bathrooms. Have been looking for clesner but haven’t found anything I liked as well as Jubilee. So glad it’s coming back YEA! MARY

  20. Gloria says

    PLEASE make this in a spray again as you did back in my Mom’s day as she loved the spray but has used the liquid since we can’t get the spray anymore. We have been loyal Jubilee users for many years (she’s 82) my Grandmother used it, my mother uses it and I use it too !!! PLEASE make the SPRAY again it’s just as good even better if that’s possible.
    Forever A Faithful Customer
    Gloria & Gail

  21. Claribel says

    Me alegra mucho saber que Jubelee, esta en el mercado. Conosco el producto desde los anos sesenta y siempre lo use en los enseres de cocina, es maravilloso y los protege de la corrocion en los tropicos,donde hay salitre. Donde lo puedo conseguir en Puerto Rico.

  22. tonya sharpnack says

    Love love love..i would really like a free sample if any are available. It smells so good and is such a great cleaner!
    Thanks, tonya

  23. Susanne Reeves says

    little girl my mother had me polish black tile in the shower every Saturday Then it was polish all the living room tables coffee table hutches an paneled walls. And true it did make everything shine. When I would take a shower afterwards the water would bubble up on the the black tile. That was in 1960 I was 11 years old. I live in the house now helping to take care of my 89 year old mother and I am 66yrs and the tile in the bathroom is the same and looks just as good today as it did back then. I believe it because of Jubilee Kitchen Wax. Susanne (Meyer) Reeves of Oroville,CA.

  24. Donna Huber says

    I am so glad it is back. I loved using it. All of my friends commented on the way my tiles shined in my tub area.

  25. Barbara Winkler says

    I love i! I was so disappointed when they stopped making this product and could never figure out why they stopped. It is wonderful. I used it on all my appliances and you never saw fingerprints on any appliance. Great for counter tops. They look so clean. I have been looking for Jubilee for a ver long time. What I used though was in a spray can. It would be so nice if they would put in a spray bottle; but I am happy the way it is. This is the best for cleaning up your kitchen. So glad I finally found it. Thank you for returning this product to the consumer.

  26. Paula says

    Can Jubilee be used safely on the painted surface of an automobile? I would love to use it to remove bugs from the front end of my car.

    • says

      The Jubilee label indicates it is for painted wood, so I’d imagine that painted metal would be OK. Haven’t bought it in a while, but there is (was?) a product called “bug and tar remover” for car finishes, which I remember being pretty strong stuff, stronger than Jubilee.

      Still, it might be a good idea to ask Malcoware (current manufacturer for Jubilee) to check. Here’s a link. Let me know how you make out, I may need to do the same thing myself.

      Speaking of car surfaces, I used Jubilee on the vinyl top for my Imperial, and it got rid of the haziness, and brought out the lustre. It’s less harsh than Armor-All too.

  27. Linda Moore says

    I was talking about this product to my sister just this afternoon! I couldn’t believe she’d never used it! I told her I would check online to see if it’s still available. I am very happy to see it’s back. I used it in a spray can, though, never a bottle. Well, I guess a bottle is better than none at all. Thanks for bringing it back! Do you know of any retail stores that carry it?

  28. MarkinDC says

    I was at the TruValue store near me, and saw it last weekend, so they are carrying it. A bottle goes a long way, I also used the spray can before, but like to use the bottle more now. I apply it like wax on the car. Rub some on, let it dry, then buff out.

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