8 places to find drop in stainless steel drainboard sinks

Drop-in-ss-drainboard-sinksIf you love the functionality of the classic farmhouse drainboard sink — but don’t necessarily want vintage or reproduction porcelain — perhaps a drop-in stainless steel drainboard sink is just the ticket. After searching far and wide — I’ve come up with seven places where you can find drop-in stainless steel drainboard sinks today — in a range of sizes, styles and prices sure to fit any kitchen and budget.

Note: We are not experts on manufacturing and materials specifications issues, so we did not try to try to assess these sinks for gauges / construction / durability. There could well be differences model-to-model, so if you are in the market, this is something you should/could research further. We do tend to believe that if your stainless steel drainboard sink is of good quality, it will last virtually forever. Regarding scratches and the like, we do not get in a tizzy when it comes to hard working surfaces like this. We quite like patina, actually.

#1 Elkay:


We already know that Elkay makes stainless steel drainboard sinks — perfect for a mid century kitchen remodel — but they also make several drop in drainboard sinks — 10 different configurations by my count. These sinks are pricey, so make sure to save your pennies if you fall in love with one.

#2 Franke USA:

Franke-ss-drop-in-drainboard-sinkFranke sinks are made in the USA — always a plus — and this model (the only drainboard stainless steel sink I could find by the company) sells for right around $100 and is available at big box stores like Lowes, Home Depot and Menards.

#3 American Standard:

American-standard-drop-in-drainboard-sinkAmerican Standard also appears to only have one drop in stainless steel drainboard sink — the Culinaire top mount dual level sink & drain board. At just under $1,000 — it is pricey — especially if you were hoping for more sink bowl space.

#4 Fluid:

Fluid-SS-drop-in-drainboard-sinkThe Fluid Company has one very modern and streamlined stainless steel double bowl drainboard kitchen sink — available for about $800.

#5 Ikea:

Ikea-Boholmen-stainless-drop-in-drainboard-sinkThe Ikea Boholmen sink series — available in four configurations ranging from $85 – $202 — is as affordable as it is reversible — since there are no faucet holes, faucets must be placed in counter top or backsplash.

#6 Whittington:

whittington-ss-drop-in-drainboard-sinkIf you are looking for a drop in stainless steel drainboard sink with a single bowl, single faucet hole — look no further than the Infinite stainless steel rectangular drop in prep sink with drainboard from Whittington. At $165 it won’t break the bank, and its compact size won’t hog the counter top either. They also make a round version.

#7 Kindred:

kindred-stainless-steel-drop-in-drainboard-sinkThere is also a modern looking stainless steel drop in sink model from Kindred sinks. I couldn’t find any pricing information — but if you are looking for a double bowl model with a sleek design — this sure fits the bill.

#8 Buy vintage:

stainless steel drainboard sink

Pam spotted this vintage sink at her local Re-Store just last week — it was $40.

We guesstimate that this style of sink has been around for decades — especially from Elkay. So if you want to save big bucks, keep your eyes peeled at the Restore Habitat for Humanity and maybe craigslist — you might find one at a small fraction of the retail price today. The photo above is Pam’s. She said that this sink seemed “pretty honkin’ heavy duty.” She could not easily see a label. It was priced at just $40. If you have a ReStore, and you have the time to stalk it, you can find amazing bargains.

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  1. Laura T says

    Just put the Elkay double sink, double drainboard in my delightful new kitchen, with mid-century feel. Love it!

  2. Rebecca prichard says

    I have the IKEA Boholmen and you get what you pay for. It’s all scratched and looks kind of shitty all the time. I have to wipe the water off of it EVERY time or it looks bad.

    Am I the only one who thinks the Elkay are so HUGE? The smallest is enormous for my kitchen and I don’t think I have a small house. I really want a sink with drainboard that fits where the IKEA one is.
    35 1/2 x 19 1/2 I am willing to spend a smaller fortune to have a good one that lasts forever. Can anyone help?

    Thank you!

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