Shambie’s 1964 pink tiled-in bathtub

vintage-pink-bathroomPink-bathrooms-saved-counter1024Reader Shambie has always loved pink bathrooms. So when she was house hunting and found her 1964 ranch with a pink tiled-in tub, it was love at first sight. Shambie says she found bathrooms like hers in other homes she toured in the area — this bathroom style was a trademark of a local builder at the time. It’s so interesting to see the signature features that so-called “merchant builders” in mid-century America put into their designs. But wait, there’s more quirky pretty in Shambie’s pink bathroom. Read on –>

Shambie writes:


I grew up in Florida, with a pink bathroom with pink rose wallpaper. Is it weird that I can close my eyes and still see the rose pattern now that I’m a grandma?

My granddaughter LOVES the pink bathroom in my current home on the river (grew up on the ocean, but the you can have boats on the river).

vintage-pink-tubI hope these pictures do it justice. The tub is long enough to sit with your legs fully extended (and I’m almost 6′ tall!). The cabinets and tile counter are custom — they narrow at one end, and widen at the other. The drawers are cut on the angle.

retro-pink-bath-vanityThis bathroom was one of the major selling points for me, and apparently a trademark of one of the local builders in the area, as I saw this same tub in different colors in different houses during my search.

vintage-pink-toiletI wasn’t home that day, but my husband was when a woman showed up at the door and told him her father had the pink bathroom built just for her, and she wondered if we still had it. Apparently, she was thrilled, brought het husband in to see it, and took pictures.

I love it, and I know I’m home to stay every time I go in there. Thanks for saving the pink bathrooms,



Shambie with Barnacle, who likes to steal the tub toys when no one is looking.

Shambie, your pink bathroom is gorgeous — so glowy. That angled vanity is so fun — and functional — and really adds interest to the space. It is fantastic that the love of pink bathrooms is continuing through the generations in your family. Thank you for sharing your bathroom and story with all of us!



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  1. Janet in CT says

    Bravo! Beautiful bathroom! I love the angles and the pink towel bars and toilet paper holder. I can see why the lady had to come back to visit the bathroom! Was it in good shape or did you have to do repairs? Nice to know so many people are not tearing them out. Barnacle is beautiful too and I love his name!

    • Shambie says

      It was in surprisingly good shape! I changed the wall color from (surprise, PINK), because the menfolk refused to use the ‘girly’ bathroom. I re-painted the hanging light and replaced the rusty chain. A friend added two can lights above the sink for extra help primping, but otherwise, it is as built.

      Barnacle shares the house with Squidley, Sushi and Sailor.

  2. says

    Aww! Barnacle is a cutie! What a great bathroom. I love that shade of pink and all of the interesting angles. And it looks like it has a built-in planter up top there? I’m glad she got her pink bathroom!

  3. Jay says

    Nice bathroom! Is that a built in planter next to the sink? Why of course, all those little bath toys look like cat toys, perfect for batting into the tub.

    • Shambie says

      Yep, that’s ONE of TWO planters that were in this bathroom. The other is between the mirror and the tub.

      The original owner never had a shower in this bathroom. We put one in, because it just wasn’t practical not to have one. So then, we covered the planter with marble to keep it from filling with water and gross stuff when running the shower.

  4. Amy in Sacramento, CA says

    It’s gorgeous, Shambie! I’m glad this house has you to appreciate things like a pink bathroom. 😉 Congrats on finding such a gem!

  5. Robin, NV says

    What a lovely shade of pink! Love all the matching pink accessories too – towel racks, TP holder, etc.

    Regarding “merchant builders” – many of the houses in my neighborhood were built by the same man. According to my neighbor, who’s lived in his house since 1964, you just gave the guy whatever plans you wanted and he’d build it. You can generally tell his houses by the exterior brickwork. My husband works in Yerington and he recently met an older couple who said their house was built by the same man. He was very well known in rural Nevada in the 50s and 60s.

    Pam and Kate – are you guys still helping out with design dilemmas? It seems like a long time since we’ve seen one.

    • pam kueber says

      These are still on our list, Robin. They tend to be very time consuming, so we have not done any lately.

      • Robin, NV says

        I totally understand – you guys work very hard to make this a great blog. So much useful information and interesting stories. But I always love the design dilemmas – fun to help out and great to see what others are dealing with.

  6. Laticia says

    My best friend bought a 1961 home a few years ago. It had a baby blue bathtub made of tile. She tore it out (gasp) and put in a ceramic tub. I begged her not to take out the tile tub, but she wouldn’t listen. I thought it was a work of art, and beautiful.

  7. Kat says

    Now I’m wondering: since I can definitely tile, can I construct my very own pink tiled tub? Has anyone here tried such a thing?

    • JKM says

      The key to a tiled bathtub is waterproofing, waterproofing, waterproofing! You’ll have to have a watertight barrier under the tile to keep water from leaking out into the room, under walls, etc. It would have to constructed like a giant lined shower pan.

      • Shambie says

        I usually use an inflatable pillow in the bathtub. I can tell you that not having to bend your knees is awesome! Your legs don’t cramp, and you stay warm longer…

        • Jason says

          Yes, that would be nice as I’m tall too. So cool and very smart to add the shower – I’m so happy they could do that seamlessly for you!

  8. Glenn says

    Hey, Shambie! I’ll have to show you my vintage pink and turquoise bathroom next time you’re in Roseland!

    • Shambie says

      Cool! I’ll be down this weekend! Where are you in Roseland?

      And how did you know I have a place down there?

        • Shambie says

          Well, it’s a small world, of course, we’ve met. Your ‘garden’ seems to be happy with all the rain we gotten. People would REALLY freak if they saw the before and after shots of my bathroom THERE!

  9. says

    In the throes of planning a main bath remodel, wishing we didn’t have to keep to keep the old cruddy tub, but reluctant to replace the only tub with a shower…. Into the decision-making fog comes this amazing, totally authentic example! I’m so pumped to see this all-tile solution and I really think it could work for us! Thank you, Pam and especially Shambie, for sharing this!!!

  10. TERESA says

    I love the color they painted the walls in this bathroom! I have a half bath (orig from ’56) that is pink tiled wall halfway up and pink floor. I wonder if painting the walls this color in a small space would be a mistake?

    • Katie says

      The great thing about paint is its an easy mistake to fix! (Unless you paint it red, if so to cover it up is going to take several coats of primer, I’m never painting anything red again…)

  11. Crystal Fritts says

    I am finding myself saying… LOVE THIS BATHROOM. My husband and I are closing in a couple of days on a 1956 time capsuled ranch in Tacoma Washington. It is definitely not the era I was looking for but it has been kept in perfect shape. I hate pink. Let me say that again. I HATE PINK. And I now have 2 pink bathrooms. And you know what? I am not going to erase I am going to embrace. We are keeping them as they are and just refitting retro faucets and toilets (Amen to your article about Gerber!!). Yep, I am ordering the pink toilets via Gerber coming all the way from China in 10 weeks. LOL… So before this house I didn’t even know what mid-century modern meant. Now I am living it. I don’t fully love all of it but can work with it. Oh, and we are adding Big Chill red appliances since the appliances were replaced in the 70’s. Thank you for your website. It has been a God send and I have been on it every day for the last month gleaning all that I can. Thank you!!

  12. Mike S says

    Reminds me of the bathrooms of my childhood. Pink was everywhere then! One of my grandmothers’ bathroom had light gray fixtures, and… wait for it… lavender walls! As for your choice of paint color, can anyone go wrong with gray? I think your bathroom rocks!

  13. Chris says

    This is just lovely! However, did anyone else start hyperventilating at the thought of a giant mirror right next to the tub? I’d have to bathe blindfolded! Ack!

    This bathroom is absolutely gorgeous — it’s a great shade of pink!

    • Shambie says

      No worries, the tub is deep enough that if you throw off your towel at the last second, you’re ‘below the radar,’ so to speak =^..^=

  14. Karen says

    That was sweet that the lady that visited still got to see the pink tub her Father put in for her.

    I’ve had a few men visit my old barn as they both lived here in the 50s and 60s. Their initials carved in the barn inside, still. : )
    LOVE the stories previous owners tell!

    I wish I had a vintage bathroom, but just enjoy them here.

  15. says

    My parents’ had a tiled-in tub much like this in the master bedroom of the California house we lived in from 1968 to 1971! I’d forgotten all about it!

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