See all 29 colors for Thermocast acrylic kitchen, bathroom and utility sinks

aqua-vintag-laundry-sinkThanks to readers Nanette and Jim — who after finishing their blue tiled bathroom and adjoining laundry room remodel — let us know about the availability of Thermocast acrylic sinks. Thermocast makes 29 different colors of acrylic sinks in a large number of sizes and styles for your bathroom, kitchen and utility room.

(Note, the website shows 32 colors, but my contact at Thermocast tells me that they have discontinued three of the colors shown on their site.) Nanette and Jim used the Thermocast Kensington acrylic drop-in sink in their laundry room area. The found the sink online at Home Depot, where it cost just $107. This discovery gives those of us who dream of colorful sinks for our retro home one more option to consider.


Not only are there 29 colors to choose from, but Thermocast’s sinks come in 18 designs for the kitchen, 17 styles for the bathroom, and 5 styles of utility sinks. That’s a whole lotta sink options.


From the Thermocast website:

Headquartered in Woodstock, Georgia, just north of Atlanta… The Thermocast cast acrylic division manufactures sinks for kitchen, entertainment, activity and laundry areas, as well as bath lavatories. Combining form, function, beauty and utility — Thermocast products are of the highest style and quality.

Cast acrylic home products are unique and highly decorative in a stunning range of decorator colors, and ultimately practical with stain free, easy to clean and carefree acrylic surfaces. For these “high traffic” areas of the kitchen, utility room and bath — cast acrylic is the most practical solution.

Since our corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility is in metro Atlanta, we ship to any part of the world easily. Our lead time is five working days for standard orders and five working days for special color orders, giving the customer access to stock in a timely manner.

Thermocast also lists the features and benefits of their cast acrylic sinks on their website:

  • Thermocast acrylic sink featuresLightweight — The whole sink is lightweight compared to many other sinks. That doesn’t mean it won’t last just as long. In fact, the acrylic surface is just as durable and the construction just as long lasting.
  • Easy to install — We ship our sinks pre-cut and pre-drilled to fit in place. You choose the installation process and your contractor will recommend self-rimming, undercounter or tile-edge options for the final look.
  • Colors, colors, colors — We offer a color palette of over 30 colors (now 29) from white white to black and a huge selection in between. You can be as traditional or as fashionably stylish as you wish.
  • Colorfast & stain resistant — Our sinks will not fade or dull in sunlight, and will keep their brilliant shine for the life of your kitchen.
  • Durability — The surface is solid. Acrylic’s hard non-porus finish is ideal for clean up areas.
  • Easy to clean — Our solid surfaces are highly resistant to mildew or algae, they are easy to clean without any extra scrubbing and you can use any non-abrasive kitchen cleaning product.

See all 29 colors for Thermocast acrylic sinks via our slide show:

Tips to view slide show: Click on first image… it will enlarge and you can also read my captions… move forward or back via arrows below the photo… you can start or stop at any image:


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  1. midmichigan says

    I like it. The green sink in the picture has a handy washboard feature too. I remember how those work all too well.

  2. Mary Elizabeth says

    These colors are fabulous. I think the green laundry sink is my favorite. We had acrylic sinks in the three bathrooms of our former condo (built 1978), and they were bisque, royal blue, and a kind of orange-y .red close to tomato. They withstood the abuse of three children and multiple cats (who for some reason liked to sleep in the sinks at night). So I would recommend the acrylic for durability and . The only problem is that when we redecorated about 15 years after it was built, the colors didn’t match the new color scheme we wanted. But at the price Nannette and Jim paid, that’s not so bad.

      • Mary Elizabeth says

        Sadly, I do not know the brand of the acrylic sinks we had–they were chosen and installed by the builder–so I can’t vouch for these. And my sinks were in the bathroom, not the kitchen. I don’t remember any significant scratches, and surface scratches didn’t show because the color went all the way through rather than being coated on the surface, like some china and enamel sinks.

        But Imagine, if you will, a cat that took naps in the sink, and one of us wanted to wash our hands shooing her out. Her little claws would scrabble a bit before she hopped out. Then our little boy would play some kind of adventure game with G.I. Joe’s metal Jeep plunging off the “hill” (counter) into the “lake” (kids’ bath sink) to rescue drowning Barbie, purloined from his sisters. After a lot of sound effects and screaming, it would be all sorted out, the water wiped up and the sinks in good condition for years.

        My two pieces of advice would be to ask the maker about the warrantee and to use no harsh or abrasive cleansers on the sinks. I would love to hear from people who actually have them installed.

    • Carole says

      I love the idea, and love the colors, but that would be my main question as well, how the material holds up to scratching. The website says that they are highly durable, but from experience (of different materials) I know that silverware can cause damage to just about any surface. If basin racks could be inserted (I have them in my porcelain sink) that would help to alleviate the issue, but if a scratch were to occur, can these sinks be repaired?

      Just because they’re relatively inexpensive doesn’t mean I want to be replacing my sink every couple of years.

      • Joe Felice says

        I have some fairly-new acrylic sinks, and I am very pleased with their durability. I have yet to succeed in scratching them. Stains come out easily with Softscrub gel with bleach, but usually I just clean them with a mixture of vinegar, soda water & alcohol that I concoct myself. It’s an all-natural cleaner that I use everywhere. No more Kaboom or other caustic cleaners. Works great on carpet & upholstery, too!

  3. Robin, NV says

    They have some really lovely pinks. Sadly no true yellows. I like their kitchen sinks too. The Rochester and the Brighton both have a nice mid mod feel to them.

  4. Carole says

    Love the colors, and the idea. As I mentioned in another comment, I do wonder about durability (silverware scratches), and whether or not basin racks could be found to fit.

    I do wish sizing was just a bit larger. I only say that because I currently have a 38″ porcelain sink installed, and it would be nice to find another sink to drop in as opposed to having to reconfigure the counter around the opening. A year ago I found all types of 38″ sink options, including a stainless steel farmhouse sink, but now they all seem to have vanished.

  5. Mary Elizabeth says

    Folks, I forgot to say that we did have booklets of information with all the stuff in the house, and the booklet for the acrylic sinks said to use ordinary non-abrasive cleaners for routine cleaning and also to buy a special acrylic cleaner, which we did. We only used the special cleaner two or three times a year, and it brought back the original shine to the sinks if they had become dull with soap scum.

    Wish I had saved the booklets, but that’s water under the bridge, over the dam, and down the drain. Again, if you buy one of these sinks with a warranty, it will no doubt come with instructions for cleaning.

  6. pamela r. says

    Oh, I love these colors! I put the white version of this kitchen sink in my vacation home several years ago, but wasn’t aware it came in COLORS! Lots of family and friends use the home when I am not there and the acrylic has held up to the toughest abuse my brother and his three sons can dish out……… pun intended!
    Does anyone know if it comes in a light pink that will coordinate with my 1955 GE pink kitchen appliances? I am retro-modeling (not re-modeling) my kitchen with the full suite of cooktop, island vent and double ovens I recently found on Craigslist!!! I think that a pink kitchen sink will making washing dishes SO much more pleasant, don’t you?

  7. Brandi says

    Still looking for an orange kitchen sink (double). Same style as the Thermocast 4 hole. Anyone seen any? I’ve searched the net a thousand times!

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