Where to find table leg glides for vintage kitchen dinettes — including NOS

IFSCO-Chair-glides-ad-vintageWe already know that IFSCO Industries, Inc. is one of the few places you can find midcentury furniture leg ferrules and vintage vinyl to repair your retro dinette sets, but the company also makes many varieties chair glides. Company president Tim Kasper tells me they have been manufacturing glides for vintage dinette chairs, tables and other furniture in house since 1946. He also let me in on a little secret — the company has a stash of NOS chair glides that they produced in house over the last 20-40 years. If you have a vintage dinette set that is missing some chair feet, try contacting IFSCO Industries, Inc. to see if they have a match.

retro-chair-glides vintage-dinette-set-chair-glides

You can also look in IFSCO’s online catalog of furniture parts to get an idea of the parts and sizes available.


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  1. Roberta says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have looked for a long time for what I find is known as a “Floor Saver Siamese Sockette” for my 60-year-old dinette. This company even has the “Spherettes” that I need for my vintage aluminum patio table.

    What a great day this is.

    • Nanci says

      I, too, have been looking for replacement glides for 1970’s metal ice cream chairs. I scrolled through the catalog not expecting to see them, and there they were, called simease sockets! I’ll have to unearth the chairs and measure. I believe the table has the same feet. Thank you!

  2. says

    Oh my how I love Reto Renovation!

    I have looked for these from time to time for years! I usually make do with something new from the hardware store! It’s nice to finally have a source!

  3. June Cahill says

    AWESOME! My “Salterini” bar stools are CRYING for these (actually it’s my kitchen floors that are crying…:(

    Will look through the website this weekend and order!

    <3 U Retrorenovation Gals!:)

    • kevin says

      i’m looking for swivel glides for selrite kitchen chairs. they are usually called a mccarthy design. they are 1/2″ rod, the sockets are 1″ tall, the pad is approx 1 3/8″ in diameter. finish is brass. can you help? thanks

      • Kate says

        Check the resources in this story Kevin, those are all of the places (besides Ebay) that we know of to find replacement glides.

  4. KathyJB says

    I’m super happy too. I just bought 2 cool metal chairs and one is missing it’s little footie.

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