1949 time capsule house filled with original charm

vintage house exteriorTour-a-Time-CapsuleSmall is good. And this small, midcentury modest time capsule house in Omaha, Nebraska, (now sold) listed for sale by agent Rachel Tiller… well, it’s  pretty much 1949 perfection.  Two bedrooms, two bathroooms, coved ceilings, a coolonial knotty pine basement — all in 1,119 s.f. — what a sweetheart.

vintage living roomFrom the listing:

  • Price: $95,000
  • Year built: 1949
  • Square footage: 1,119
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 2

Well maintained all brick home 2 bed 2 bath ranch in desirable Benson. Beautiful wood floors on the main and fireplace in the living room. Kitchen has lots of cabinets for storage. Master bedroom has double closets! Large flat yard with porch and mature trees. Great location close to schools and downtown Benson!

vintage bathroomThis pink and blue vintage tile bathroom is perfection. I love all of the little details like the random mosaic flooring, the decorative liner tiles and the contrasting bullnose tile. The addition of the white fixtures and ceramic bath accessories keeps the bathroom sweet without going overboard. Love.

knotty pineThen there is the warm toned knotty pine basement rec room– a cozy spot for family to gather and unwind together — complete with a fireplace.

knotty pine built in radioReader Brenda, who tipped us off to this charming home, wondered if this was a built-in wall radio. What do you think?

vintage kitchenI spy a vintage stove in the cute wood and white vintage kitchen, too. Just lovely.

I predict a home with this much personality at such an affordable price won’t last long. Mega thanks to realtor Rachel Tiller and photographer Minchu Yi for allowing us to feature this gem.

Link love:

Read more about the ’40s:

Tips to view slide show: Click on first image… it will enlarge and you can also read my captions… move forward or back via arrows below the photo… you can start or stop at any image:

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  1. LuAnn says

    I wonder if this was a one-owner house… Serious house envy! If only it was in Southern California. Of course, depending on zip code, it would probably be listed anywhere from two to five times more. Sigh…

  2. Robin, NV says

    Oh how lovely! So many period details too! Love the bakelite knobs for the radio, the built-ins by the fireplace, the window awnings… but that bathroom takes the cake. Omaha is supposed to be a nice town too. What a sweetheart.

  3. Jay says

    Great looking house! Dare I say it, but the front landcaping at the entry needs a do-over ala last week’s post – the shrubbery has been cut back once too many times. Nice knotty pine basement – yes that’s a radio in the wall. My curiousity was piqued – Howard Radios were in business into the late 40s early 50s. The enterprising homeowner set it into the wall. The tube chasis would be mounted on the reverse side, I think that’s the speaker down lower on the wall.
    Would like to have seen the living room and dining room furnished. Very spacious.

    • Brenda says

      Thanks for doing some research on that radio. A very cool feature I’ve never seen before! I love it!

  4. karen says

    I was in Omaha this past weekend and stumbled upon an estate sale at the most amazing time capsule MCM/Hollywood regency home. If i see a listing for the home come up, i will be sure to share. Omaha has so many great MCM buildings and homes – i had so much fun just driving around taking them all in!

  5. Lauryn says

    Omaha is a great little city and that house is just perfect! The basement rec room is damn near killing me, not to mention the stove, the bathroom, and the built-ins!!! These 1940s homes are my favorites: perfect use of minimal space, so much more affordable to purchase, and then, later, so much more affordable in terms of maintaining and heating and cooling. Love this little gem and envy the lucky buyer who scoops it up!

  6. Sara says

    I want to move to Omaha! Please Lord, let the new owners of this house appreciate it’s fantabulous style and not change a thing! Please don’t let some HGTV-inspired owner smash up the bathroom or tear out the basement paneling. Please guide the new owner in tasteful renovations if necessary, and help them to preserve a piece of history!

      • Sara says

        I know it! I still watch that channel more than any other, but sometimes I have to turn it off. Like when they take the sledge hammer to gorgeous bathroom tile. We need to get those brothers on board with MCM style. If they started singing the praises of original colorful bathroom tile, a lot more people might appreciate it instead of destroying it in favor of boring drywall!

  7. Mary Elizabeth says

    Yes, that is definitely a built-in radio made by the Howard Company. They made short-wave receivers and regular broadcast receivers. I have actually seen some models when I was a child in the home of a WWII vet who collected radios and record players. (It’s funny how I always think of that generation, “Oh, I have to ask Mr. So-and-so about this,” and then I realize they are all gone.) My research says they went out of business in 1949, right about when this house was built.

    My favorite features are the built-in bookcases around the fireplace, the arched doorway between the living and dining rooms, the tiled bath and the kitchen with the double oven stove. I think it would have a broiler under one of the ovens and a storage drawer under the other–for cookie sheets, etc. Love that kitchen.

  8. Jonny says

    I love the little monkey-tail curl in the basement flooring inlay. The bathroom is perfect too, right out of a Dick Tracy comic book. I’m not even into the 40’s era stuff generally and I still really like this house. Stick a hump top fridge in the kitchen and this place doesn’t need a thing.

  9. Suzy says

    LOVE this house … especially the living room with those beautiful ceilings & built ins, and the bathroom. I have always loved the 1940s from their cars & clothes to their music – my mother graduated in 1947 so maybe that’s why :) I just got a sink & medicine cabinet for free from a home built in 1942 here in Phx … I would LOVE to own a historic home!! My problem is I love SO MANY different era’s

    • Lauryn says

      Prices in Seattle must have come down, John! When we left in 2006 (in part because the prospect of owning a home was becoming less and less of an option), that house would have sold for close to $500K, if not more, depending on the neighborhood.

  10. Megan says

    Oh, this is just darling. Cute as a button little house. These houses originally had so much charm inside. It’s a shame that most of the houses built in this era have now been gutted and flipped. They take all the originality and personality and make it look cookie cutter, vanilla, and blah boring will griege walls, griege carpet, granite countertops, particle board cabinets, and fiberglass showers. These houses were not to architecturally fancy, so they needed color, design, and unique features to make them stand out. It’s just sad to strip them of that and take them out of their era in failed attempt to bring them into the current era.

  11. Johnny 5 Fachy says

    I’m in love with this house inside and out not to mention the very reasonable price. I could live in that knotty pine basement, that in itself is quite a score! Thanks for posting the fabulous find…adorable!

  12. Lorraine says

    Love this house. So cute. We had a paneled basement with the same flooring and a bar. I live in a Levitt house now (circa 1951). The original Levitts had a TV built into the living room paneled walls by the stair cases. Oh I wish I still had that TV there.

  13. Scott says

    So tidy and it will feel much bigger than the stated square feet with such a super-nice, finished basement.

    And YAY, image 4, I think I finally found a house number solution! I’ve been gridlocked on a decision as any change would mean the existing holes in the stone would show. PERFECT. :-)

  14. Linda Hansen says

    What a charming home. I hope someone gets it who appreciates the charm. To many of these beauties are lost to the people who just think BIG!

  15. Pat says

    I live near Benson, wish we could get by with only 2 bedrooms, I love it! I couldn’t find it on the real estate site though, wonder if it’s sold already.

  16. Ellen says

    This is such an amazing house but I bet I couldn’t withstand Nebraska winters! What a fabulous layout for just over 1,000 sq feet. Our Florida 1949 stucco house is 1,700 and doesn’t seem as big as this one. Plus the basement! I would buy it in a heartbeat if it were in Florida. Thanks for the photos. Really enjoyed looking it over.

  17. ineffablespace says

    I particularly love the bathroom color scheme– the text pattern color combination is great– and the basement paneling.

    Pam/Kate: I am sending the link to a time capsule with a Googie-ish kitchen. Be on the lookout. I am posting in here because I know you get lots of email. I hope you can use it.

  18. DgLvr says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it – makes me want to move to Omaha! I could just move in, there is NOTHING to do with this house!

    • Mark says

      Oh thanks for posting this. I almost want to move to Omaha after seeing this. Exceptinally well preserved. Knotty pine basement to die for! I hope it finds an appreciative owner.

  19. Mike says

    Now THIS house I LOVE! About that built-in wall radio, my grandparents’ ’50s house had one very similar to it in… wait for it… a knotty pine wall! Was located in their basement under the stairs. And this house’s bathroom’s layout is exactly like the one in our ’62 ranch, except it was flipped the other way. ’40s mid mod is RIGHTEOUS!

  20. AmyS says

    What a perfectly charming home! It has everything a home needs. Where & when did people get the idea they needed more space than this? It reminds me of my grandparent’s home which my grandfather built completely by himself (& w/a little help w/ lifting, I’m guessing But electrical, plumbing, everything was all him) for his new bride, my grandmother. Throughout the years he’s done updating and all repairs. Last time I visited, my 97 yr-old grandfather was updating the bathrooms, modernizing it. Seems whoever owned this home felt the same way about their home &kept it up.
    I’m imagining a young Omahawan soldier returning home from the war & built this house for his bride! What a generation!

  21. Linda Haas says

    What a beauty! My favorite is that bathroom! It’s perfect! How awesome that it was not updated!!!

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