18 colors of 4″ x 4″ bathroom tile — a new source

retro-yellow-bathroom-tileA new source for 4″ x 4″ bathroom tiles in classic midcentury pastel colors — Classic Tile, Inc., based in Brooklyn, NY. Some of the colors look lovely — that yellow: yummy! — and the price is right. Prices for these tiles run from $1.75 to about $3.75/s.f.

Above: Yellow bathroom tile – for sale at Classic Tile Inc. Manufactured. The Classic Tile website says this tile is made by U.S. Ceramic Tile Co. They are now part of the Roca Tile Group; however, I don’t see these pastels in the current Roca lineup. So I think that means: You maybe better get them while you can. Home Depot also carries U.S. Ceramic Tile Co. (USCTC) — although I don’t see any of these colors online. I can’t find USCTC on the internet at all.


Above: A soft pink bathroom tile — for sale at Classic Tile Inc. Manufactured by Interceramic (but I can’t find it there.)

seafoam-green-tileAbove: Seafoam green bathroom tile – for sale at Classic Tile Inc. Manufactured by Interceramic (but I can’t find it there.)

gray-bathroom-tileAbove: Tender gray bathroom tile – for sale at Classic Tile Inc. Manufactured by U.S. Ceramic Tile.

fawn-beige-tilevintage bathroom wallpaperAbove: Fawn beige tile — for sale from Classic Tile Inc, manufactured by U.S. Ceramic Tile. I am pretty darn sure this is exactly the tile I put into my bathroom. Only I recall it was called rose beige at the time. Okay so maybe I’m not sure. But it looks like it.

Thanks to reader Shawn for the tip that led us to Classic Tile. She used one of their mosaic floor tiles — also a great, affordable find — which we profiled here.

Again, the source: 4″ x 4″ pastel ceramic bathroom and kitchen tiles from Classic Tile Inc.


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  1. Ann says

    These folks are seriously awesome. After seeing this post, I shot them an e-mail to try to get some samples of peachy pink tile for my bathroom and I got a call back within half an hour. Samples are on their way to the West Coast.

  2. midmichigan says

    Those are all great, classic colors. I’d be tempted to lay up a wall of white with accents of a number those colors sprinkled throughout like confetti. Maybe that’s being too much of a fence sitter though.

    • Jay says

      I was thinking likewise. My last kitchen was tiny and I had the backsplash tiled in 4″ light green with random dark green tiles. Of course introducing more colors requires more thought. I bet Kate could work up a nice layout utilizing all the colors.

    • Kelly Wittenauer says

      When I was a child Mom’s kitchen backsplash was mostly white with several other colors randomly scattered in. I remember black, yellow, pink & light blue. But it was 1″ square mosaic. Mom liked how easy it was to change the look of the room by picking up a different color from that tile in the accessories.

  3. Ranger Smith says

    I know we’ve see it before but I REALLY like your bathroom Pam! That white bullnose trip is icing on the cake and of course the wallpaper is way cool.

  4. Robin, NV says

    The yellow gives me hope – it’s been so hard to find nice yellows. My main bathroom has Ming green fixtures with speckled cream and gold 4 x 6″ tile. I like the tile (it’s grown on me, I didn’t care for it at first) but I always wonder what I’d do if I had to replace any of it. It would seem that speckled tiles are long, long gone from the market, especially in the 4 x 6 size. Here’s a link to my blog that shows my bathroom tile:

  5. ineffablespace says

    The pale pink is great. If Kohler still made Innocent Blush, (boo to them for dropping all actual colors within the past couple years), I would do a pink tile bath with Innocent Blush fixtures for sure.

    • pam kueber says

      Alas, I don’t think that Kohler even carried an Innocent Blush tub, though… well, not toward the end of the color’s run, anyway…

      • ineffablespace says

        Kohler still offers Innocent Blush on Portrait tubs–probably leftovers? They offered in on Bellwether tubs until sometime in 2014, because it was in the running. I had given up on Ice Grey too, but I found a Bellwether on Build.com. They dropped it mostly on cast iron at the end of last year. The odd thing is that it’s included on New Offerings like the expanded line of Sans Souci toilets. (And it’s still offered on a bunch of acrylic tubs, none of which look very mid-century),

        I don’t really understand the rationale of dropping or limiting all the colors at a time when mid-century is now more widely accepted as historical (instead of dated) and why they are adding new lines with colors they are dropping in others? Do people really want grey toilets if they can’t get a tub to match?

  6. Sharon Potts says

    I have many boxes of buttery yellow 4″ tiles and black accent tiles including black bullnose. I was going to put them in my powder room but have since been sidetracked. If anyone is near enough to Glenside, PA, I will sell them on the cheap. Any interest, let me know and I can send an image and numbers. Hopefully it’s okay to post this sort of thing.

  7. Katrina says

    I live in a 1964 home that still has the original bathroom tiles. One has the dusty peach with terracotta trim tiles…and the other has the yellow and gray tiles. I have been told to rip them out and update the bathroom. But heck, they are still in good shape. It was tough getting a good paint color but I went with aqua with the peach tiles and used a beach theme decor…it is like water and sand…beautiful! Hung vintage souvenir plates from the different beach resorts. The other bathroom have painted the walls a complementary gray. I had to replace the vinyl floor, so did a black glass tile floor and shower… added retro lighting over the sink. They both look great!

  8. PAT BARTON says

    10 – POMONA -2
    58 – MADE IN USA -1H

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