Retro bathroom sinks on chrome legs — Alden from Waterworks

alden-sink-waterworksScanning the marketplace for what’s new on the looks-old department, I recently spotted:  This little bathroom sink — adorable — the Alden bathroom sink from Waterworks. Has metal legs with integral towel bars, and I love that little backsplash.

waterworks-alden-sinkThere’s a sister design, no backsplash. Both of these are relatively narrow, good for tight spaces.

Note: The links to the Alden sinks on Waterworks website that we share are for the legs only. The listings mentioned that the tops are sold separately but we didn’t see them on the website, so we called to inquire and the representative told us that though the tops are not listed on the website, they are available. Below is their size and price information:

  • The Alden rectangular top 28 x 22 x 8.75 is item #11-56947-33393 $371.00
  • The Alden rectangular with backsplash 26 x 20 x1 4.75 is item #11-25880-66006 $ 422.00


And the Alden suite has a toilet to go with.

Waterworks is spendy — but oh so pretty!

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  1. Paul says

    You can tell that these were DESIGNED. The one with no backsplash might be more appropriate for a 1950’s bath, but they both have that classic console sink look.

  2. says

    Oh. My. Word. Spendy is an understatement. The legs alone — without the sink! — are $1,648 ($1,751 if you want nickel). Yikes!!! I got so excited because we have a wonderful sink we found at our Habitat ReStore and the legs we bought from the big box hardware store are not nearly as cool as these. But hot damn, our whole bathroom re-do will be dramatically less than the price of those legs. Still pretty to look at!

    • pam kueber says

      I’m confused in the way they list pricing. I am not sure if that’s the price for just the legs, or for both.

      For other leg options – try, they have some nice ones.

  3. lynda says

    When Waterworks is carrying a midcentury looking style, you know that it must be a popular look! Waterworks does the design thinking for you. Beautiful store. I call stores like that museum stores. You just look for ideas and try to figure out how to get the look cheaper somewhere else.

  4. Carolyn says

    That’s handy having the towel bar in reach of little kids – notice how everything in the world is just too high up?

  5. Cynthia says

    Very well designed and attractive. I think the price includes the sink plus the legs. Still, it’s very, very high. An elite price, not a moderate much less modest price. I think the average person would be in danger of a form of “HGTV syndrome” of overspending for a remodel, if they bought an $1800 sink and $800 toilet for a small bathroom. But, to each his own!

  6. Renee says

    Since smaller bathrooms in general are cheaper to remodel, you may be able to afford some higher end fixtures.

  7. Abby says

    I like the look of these, but there are other reproduction sinks that people on a budget can afford. Cheviot makes several styles – some of which are much better suited for a pre WWII (or even pre WWI) home. But I have my eye on this one:–vanities/essex-bathroom-sink-with-metal-console

    And there is a Mirabelle faucet that works well for retro:|0||Primary_Finish|1||Sort_Order|1&term=mirabelle+4%22+faucet

  8. Nancy says

    I am putting in an American standard sink with the chrome legs and side towel bars. The legs are in great shape and I want to use the original ones. We have extended the legs as far as possible but the sink is still too low for my husband’s liking. I saw pam’s post about adding the rubber gasket thingys to make the sink higher. Has anyone else added anything different and had it work? My contractor is thinking some kind of rosette on the floor that the legs could rest on. I have found ones that go around radiator legs to cover the hole in the floor but these snap together around the leg. We are thinking a solid one piece idea. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

      • pam kueber says

        P.S. I thought my old sink was tooooo low when I installed it. I got over it in about 1 day. I have not thought about it since. “Installation shock”?

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