• 1981-kitchen-harvest-gold

    1980s design and decorating trends — let’s make a list

    archizoom safari

    Archizoom Safari Livingscape sofa for Poltronova — behold this 1...

    1970s style staircase

    Staircase design for a 1970s split level house

    luna chair

    Luna chairs — affordable, authentic, funky 1970 interior design ...


    1978 St. Charles kitchen with groovy grooved wood doors – 9 phot...


    Fashion in the 60s — Plaid combined with flowers, in the kitchen...

    9 - Reverie - Jardin

    Retro wallpaper from original 1960s and 1970s designs – new from...


    Gorgeous vintage Ventahood in stunning Seattle midcentury modern house

    1970s wall plaque

    Come on people now, smile on each other, everybody get together, try a...

    creepy satanic vintage wallpaper

    Satanic vintage wallpaper — from Inez Croom in 1973 deck house

    avocado kitchen

    Jon & Trixi create a 1970s avocado kitchen with Rust-Oleum Cabine...

    albert ledner ashtray house

    “Ashtray house” designed by Albert Ledner

    1970s interior design

    Renovating 1970s houses: The next big thing

    1960s moe light honeycomb pendant light

    Moe honeycomb lighting: The full line, from a 1968 catalog, plus 4 hil...

    design ideas from 21 1962 kitchens

    Decorating a 1960s kitchen — 21 photos with even more ideas from...


    1960s starburst-white and orange laminate kitchen

    marimekko bath towel

    Pretty darn excellent Marimekko bed and bath sale at Crate & Barr...

    vintage bathroom vanity

    Satin Glide steel bathroom vanities, 1963

    Wood-Mode kitchens from 1961 — Slide show of 15 photos

    avocado kitchen sink with metal rim

    Avocado kitchen sink and appliances? Heck to the yeah, say Jon & ...

    gainey ceramics cylinder planters

    Gainey Ceramics’ 1960s Cylinder Planter — still available ...

    vitnage wrought iron post light

    Vintage NOS exterior lights for your ranch, cape, colonial or mediterr...

    vintage drexel whimsy bedroom dresser

    1970s Drexel Whimsy campaign style bedroom dressers – $1,200 BIN

    1970s family room interior design

    Design a 1970s family room using vintage, new and reproduction items


    A 1965 kitchen updated with red checkerboard linoleum floor tile

    1963 vintage kitchen

    1963 time capsule house: “Keep It or Change It?” quiz

    burke dinette

    My vintage Burke tulip table and chairs: Out with the new, in with the...


    1970s vintage lighting and more in this 1974 time capsule home

    picasso hand with flowers

    Sexy paint colors for Veronica’s 1976 black and white kitchen

    1960s quartz countertop

    What is this 1960s countertop made of? Targinol? Luster Rock?


    10 Kroehler sofas and loveseats from 1976

    brutalist lighting from 1969

    20 pages of 1969 modern lighting from Moe

    marimekko unikko wallpaper by maija isola 1964

    Marimekko Unikko by Maija Isola, 1964

    a 1970 attic design with blue sofa and orange pendant lighting

    19 interior designs from 1970

    1969 bedroom painted blue

    Hippie decor & more 1960s interior design ideas — 15 pages ...


    1960s decorating style — 16 pages of painting ideas from 1969 Sh...

    1969 paint color chart from Benjamin Moore

    60 colors from Benjamin Moore’s 1969 paint palette


    10 color schemes from 1968


    16 mod interior designs from 1968


    9 bedrooms, living rooms and kids’ spaces from 1967