REMEMBER the recent 1964 split level time capsule, captured at an estate sale in progress? In addition to the awesome blue bathroom, there was a gray half-bath in great condition, too. I have a real thing for laminate vanities….maybe because they can be replicated relatively easily, and because they can give you lots of retro bang for not outrageous bucks. (Case in point: Cindy’s bathroom.) This gray vanity is wonderful. And, notice the built-in drawers, also in laminate, in the wall opposite. Formica’s Dunewood looks like it might be close-enough match, Cindy used Wilsonart beigewood. Check the other makers, too. One more slide show from this vintage split level house yet to come. Includes: bomb shelter.

  1. Emily says:

    I just bought a 1961 house and much to my chagrin, the bathroom has never been updated. It has a sliding door vanity, outrageous patterns and feels space age. The rest of the house is updated, it’s just the bathroom that I suppose they never got around to. I didn’t realize some people liked them. I’m not sure I should send the vanity and stuff to the landfill now. Thanks for this website and the heads up. It would have been sad to send this to the garbage if someone might like it. I’ll check before throwing it away.

  2. scathingjane says:

    I know that tile color!. Try matching it today… it is a green/grey that is NOT-TO-BE-FOUND,

    Lovely Bathroom.

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