1962 Hall-Mack Aristocrome line

aristocrome-towel-bar-shelfI recently nabbed a 1962 Hall-Mack bathroom accessories catalog. Seems that there were three principal lines of chrome soap dishes, towel bars, robe hooks and the like: Coronado – likely most popular; Metropolitan – budget line; and Aristocrome — the top-of-the-line suite. Today, I’ll show you the Aristocrome line.
Heading forward, I think I’ll start doing more features like this, that identify exact product names/lines. After 1,200 posts, I have a lot of bases covered. Now it’s time for the blog is moving one level deeper. I have it as a life’s goal to be able to name every vintage toilet on sight. Heaven help me.

For sure, the Aristocrome is defined by its beveled square backplate. The towel ring is called “stirrup” style.


Readers have asked – where can we get the removable lucite tray? I don’t know….honestly, I think I’d start by just going into a big, mainstream hardware store – I think these are around.


The complete line up.

1962-hall-mack-aristocrome-in-polished-brassFinally, the Aristocrome line also was available in polished brass.

My best proxy for all this stuff today: The expansive Franklin Brass line.

Here is the complete gallery, click on the image once…you’ll be in a new page…then once more, and it will open quite large:



  1. Julie says:

    I’m trying to find a towel ring and a double robe hook yet…. if anyone knows where to find spares (I’m stalking ebay) let me know!

  2. Robert Swaim says:

    Just purchased 2 replacement soap trays on Amazon for Hall-Mack recessed soap and grab. They are Liberty Hardware E600 (same as my existing) sold by Striven. Price $2.36 ea.

    1. Bob Sutton says:

      I need replacement plastic inserts for the Concealed Lavatory Unit made by Hall Mack. This insert is plastic and measure approx. 5″ x 2-7/8″ overall. It does not have a back vertical shelf but is basically flat around the entire perimeter and is depressed about 5/16″ down to hold the soap with 3 raised ribs across the base.

        1. Bob Sutton says:

          Which story is it for the Hall Mack. I scrolled through several pages but did not find it.

      1. Karla says:

        Hello Bob! Just wondering if you ever found the insert you were looking for. I have a 1958 bathroom, too, and just bought a concealed lavatory unit that was missing the plastic insert. Looking everyone, but haven’t found one yet. Would appreciate any insight you have to offer!


  3. Glamorlux Nancy says:

    The Aristochrome line is cool cuz you can mount the squares as diamonds for a different look!

  4. Oh I love these shelves! But my in-laws had one and it was a constant source of irritation because it was so hard to keep it looking shiny and clean in everyday use! So I like to enjoy them in hotels instead and have a very practical white painted shelf that doesn’t show toothpaste spillage! I like authentic retro but I don’t have staff so I’m a pragmatist! 🙂 t.x

  5. nancy says:

    Where DO you find all your catalogs?! You are an endless source of details! Let’s hear it for Pam!

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