50s style NuTone Ceiling/Wall Fan

nutone exhaust fans

Yes, vintage-style ceiling/wall exhaust fans are still available. We installed this Nutone model above our kitchen stove, in exactly the same spot we tore out an old, plastic one.

Amazon link:

There were enough CFM’s (exhaust of air) to meet current code in our state – so we didn’t need a range hood, which would have looked out of sorts. Be sure to check with your own properly licensed professional to ensure it meets local code requirements including for your intended use.

Also – this exhaust fan was much less expensive than a range hood. Great find!

Also – I’ve seen these installed in the wall, where they can look great. And, they can be installed in bathrooms, but not above the tub/shower, the instructions say.

Note: Current models today come with a plastic cover. We have two other sources for satin chrome and New Old Stock chrome covers that should work as replacements for the plastic cover. Check sizes.

And: These New Old Stock Emerson Pryne covers — click here to see our story and get to the source — can be made to fit too:

vintage fan grille

  1. David truax says:

    I have a vintage white one model 850 and am looking for the housing for it.any ideas

  2. latoyia says:

    Does anyone know how to or where to find instructions regarding how to replace the fan’s pull chord. Ours came loose. thank you

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Hi Latoyia, I don’t know the answer to this one. On issues like this I recommend you consult with a professional….

    1. pam kueber says:

      Rome, I added an Amazon link in the story.

      Also see our story on New Old Stock Emerson-Pryne covers.

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