50s style bathroom towel bars – Hyde Park series by Delta

When I renovated our three bathrooms, every single detail became an obsession. At one point, I wanted to re-chrome the original, rusty towel bars. But it was ungodly expensive, and they weren’t expensive to begin with, just very typical for the 50s.

After a lot of online exploration and poking around stores, I ultimately bought the Hyde Park series from Delta, available through my Home Depot. Fortunately, I’d seen it there during my research and had taken notes, because when I finally went back to buy them, they were no longer on display. But – Home Depot can order them for you.The reason in particular that I liked them – was the 6-sided kind of reverse-lug wrench look of their base. (I am sure there is a technical term for this: Help!) This lug wrench styling was exactly what is on my vintage faucet. They also have a nice hefty feel. Go for the chrome – of course (!) (even though one photo in brass finish)

The problem with so many towel bars today – as with toilets and sinks – is that they are so fussy, designed “on victorian steroids”. 50s styling came out of the streamline and deco eras…very clean, industrial looks to reflect the new modern, non-fussy viewpoints.

One last thing – if you end up going with a wall-mount sink and Franklin Brass legs, simly add the Hyde Park towel ring to the right or left. A fine solution.

No url today. Go to Home Depot.

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