Are we all googies? Googies, unite! Atomic 50s wallpaper – authentic reproductions now available from Bradbury & Bradbury

Following up on yesterday’s 40s papers — here are the two great 50s vintage reproductions from Bradbury & Bradbury. I love Atomic Doodle, it reminds me of the vintage paper that I was able to finally hunt down for my kitchen. On the other hand, my BWW web genius advisor took an immediate shine to Googieland. I think that by Stephen’s analysis below, I’m wacky (true!), and that my advisor is free-form and unconventional (K…comment, please?). Psychoanalysis by wallpaper preference? Makes total sense to me.

The colorways for both of these papers are just beautifully done. Now, I wish that I hadn’t papered my entire living/dining room last year in grasscloth, which was my only vintage-style fallback at the time. Drats and double-drats! But luck for everyone else out there in retro renovation land.

atomic-doodle-in-pink.jpgThanks again to Stephen Bauer, artistic director of Bradbury & Bradbury. Here’s what he has to say about these two wallpaper finds…

And, be sure to read all my wallpaper posts for the full range of choices:

Atomic Doodle: “A pattern that mirrors so many design elements of the 50s. It’s a great paper and so evocative of the wackiness of that decade’s creative energy. We were excited to find it.”

(Two of three colorways shown; third is ‘taupe’)

Googieland: “‘Googie’ was a somewhat pejorative term that Modernist architects used to describe the more ‘free form’ and unconventional ‘boomerangy’ style become prevalent in 1950s pop cultural design. It seemed a fitting name for this free form, (and fun) vintage style.”

Four colorways in all, here are two:




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