Wallpaper deprivation solved! 4 new authentic reproduction 50s wallpapers from Bradbury & Bradbury.


Drum roll, please: Announcing 4 new vintage 1950s Atomic wallpapers from Bradbury & Bradbury, launched on RetroRenovation.com today. Finally, our days of wallpaper deprivation are coming to an end. The images speak for themselves: These papers — along with Atomic Doodle, Googieland and the four 1940s papers that B&B introduced last month — are a tremendous addition to our postwar decorating arsenal. And, they couldn’t be coming from a more respected company. While I am not going to classify them as inexpensive, they are certainly a value well worth it… silk screened by hand in the U.S.A.… a true Art treasure that will endure in your home for generations to come.

Be sure to read on to the next post, a special interview with Stephen Bauer, artistic director and owner of Bradbury & Bradbury. If you’re into mid century – which you must be if you’re reading this blog! – I think you will find it fascinating.

Enjoy — here are each of the new papers, in all colorways, along with some context from Stephen:

“A slightly conservative pattern, but still with that casualness and playfulness that many patterns from that era exhibit. It is peppered with metallics so it has a nice sparkle to it as you pass by.”


click on thumbnails for larger image


“This is our nod to the strict Modernists in the house, being very clean in feel and silvery. I think the pattern might have been inspired by Japanese patterns as it resembles some I’ve seen.”


click for larger image

“Well what’s a self respecting Fifties interior without a tropical tiki inspired room? And what’s a tiki room without a beautiful tiki wallpaper in it? Nothing but mosquitoes and humidity. The various coloring combinations of “Island” also will really complement the vintage rattan you’re decorating with.”


click for larger image


“Fun for the Modernists, but with a little more sense of humor to it…which we like.”



Samples available from Bradbury & Bradbury.

And, be sure to read all my wallpaper posts for the full range of 50s choices.

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