Sumac Sue‘s questions about what to do with her pink tile bathroom led me to recommend wallpaper, and to launch my 2008 quest to ensure the retroworld conquer any fears and embrace this most important decorating tool.

So here are some of the wallpapers from my Miller’s Art Supply of Pittsfield, Mass. basement collection – any of which would look FABULOUS BEYOND WORDS in aka Judi’s bathroom. Want some of your own? Put your retro vibes out there, and your wallpaper will find you.

Please note: My scanner does not get pinks and reds right. Trust, the pink in these wallpapers is pretty spot-on Judi’s dubble bubble tile.

100_3586.JPGPink and grey geo:

vintage 50s wallpaper pink and grey geo

100_3586.JPGPink geo:

vintage 50s wallpaper pink geo

100_3586.JPGAqua flowers:

vintage 50s wallpaper aqua flowers

100_3586.JPGGrey googies:

vintage 50s wallpaper

100_3586.JPGPink with flowers:

vintage 50s wallpaper pink with flowers

What do you think?

vintage 50s wallpaper pink with flowersvintage 50s wallpaper pink geovintage 50s wallpaper pink and grey geovintage 50s wallpaper aqua flowersvintage 50s wallpaper grey googies

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  1. Sumac Sue says:

    Wow, these are great. Thanks so much. We both like the Aqua with Flowers, and then the Pink with Flowers. Both are serene. But, we think the scale would be too big for our very tiny pink half bath. (Maybe for our full bath? It’s tiny too.)

    We remembered the Googieland prints you posted awhile back. In looking for them, I discovered and read the interview you did with Stephen J. Bauer of Bradbury & Bradbury on Nov. 15. I’m so glad I discovered that posting, because it has given me more insight into 50s era wallpapers, and increased my interest in using some in our home. (Everyone who’s wishy washy on wallpaper, go back and read that interview!)

    You’ve definitely gotten us interested in wallpaper, and I will let you know what we decide…

  2. FRAN says:

    Hi Don’t be afraid of a big print in a small bathroom. I once did a bathroom in asmall flower print and it made you dizzy just brushing your teeth. Larger print do work better in my opinion.

  3. 50sPam says:

    Hi Mom! Glad to see you’re commenting. I think you are absolutely right about small prints in bathrooms – one must be careful of the potential margarita ‘hangover effect!’ That said, in a powder room – I think there’s a little more leeway to go crazy…Hey, did you see the YouTube video? Aren’t you so proud? 🙂

  4. Cimarron says:

    IF you want authenticity, pink and grey were THE color combo. I know, I’ve lived with it for over fifty years in this house… Yes, really!!! ; – D

  5. Jenny Boerding says:

    In my opinion, the geos are nice themselves- but not with the great pink tile in there, too much similarity in the designs. I think the bachelor button floral on pink and the other floral in aqua are the best fits for the bathroom. I assume it is a small room, and they would brighten and space it best. the googlies, umm, i jsut personally get icky sick looking at it even. So glad to find a site with vintage designs! now I can enjoy these papers everywhere and not forgotten insides of closets from decades ago!

  6. MIchelle says:

    Hi! I have a gorgeous pink and green bathroom from the 50s (just featured in St. Louis Post Dispatch. I would LOVE to update with one of these wallpapers. Where can I find them???

  7. Alina Spence says:

    Hi, I would like to know if the grey and pink floral papers are available in the UK? I need a paper for my bedroom and those are beautiful!!

  8. pam kueber says:

    No, those are vintage from my personal collection. But, see my Remodeling Basics: Wallpaper section for lots of wallpaper resources.

  9. Robin says:

    Is anyone familiar with a vintage (probably 60’s or 70’s) bathroom wallpaper featuring simple cartoon-ish drawings of bathroom scenes such as a woman viewing herself in the mirror (her reflection gazing back in dismay), a man in scuba gear, an alien spacecraft hovering over bathtub, and similar comic scenes? My mom’s best friend is renovating her home and has this very amusing wallpaper in a bathroom, but it is damaged. I would love to find some at a reasonable price. Thanks!

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