Retro starburst mirrors – a survey of what’s available

living-room-sconcesI bought this lovely starburst mirror from Ballard Designs a few years ago. We have it above our fireplace, against our grasscloth-covered walls, and it looks great – modern and serene. 

I am a big fan of having one of these mirrors somewhere in your home. In general — just one, though — you’ve got to be careful not to overdo it with the starbursts. 

So… I surfed around and found a selection of retro styled starburst mirrors available today. There are quite a few to choose from at all price points — from $70 at Target to $6,000 from Baker Furniture. You do get what you pay for, of course. My $300 Ballard has a convex mirror and a nice heft. The $70 Target model, much cheaper, has lesser features even though it is still quite decorative.

Also, you can check ebay. In fact, my Ballard model, which also appears to have been for sale at Horchow and Neiman-Marcus, seems to be discontinued at these retailers – but you can get it online, and for an even better price, it appears.

Another thought: Watch for starburst clocks at local tag sales and the like. I’d bet it’s fairly easy to have a mirror re-set where the clocks go — as heretical as that may seem. Hey, a lot of these clocks were not what I’d call “dear.” If you think you could make better use of them converting them to a mirror, I say do it.

All of these can be enlarged; toggle over them to see the company and listed price:

baker-furniture-constellation-mirror-$5894.jpgretro style pottery barn raindrop mirror $449retro starburst mirror target $70retro style baker-furniture-sunburst-mirror-$6090retro style baker-furniture-sunburst-mirror-gold $6090retro style ballard-vega-mirror-$249retro style horchow starburst mirro $339retro style horchow starburst mirror $295retro style horchow starburst mirror $395retro starburst mirror target $70retro style horchow mirror $635retro style horchow mirror $219retro style pottery barn mirrors trio for $149

  1. ChicagoGirl says:

    I was wondering if there was an update to this for 2011 and 2012? I’m not seeing many of these available anymore.

  2. Sumac Sue says:

    Some of these are really beautiful. I have to admit, I have had an aversion to using mirrors as decorative objects. I think it comes from seeing so many houses where a big ol’ rectangular mirror is hung over a mantle or a couch and it doesn’t really add much more than bulk to the decor. It just looks like the owner couldn’t think of anything else to hang on the wall. These are so much more interesting.

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