retro lighting from Remcraft

1953-pink-formica-kitchenretro lighting from Remcraftretro lighting from Remcraft

Brian, a new reader, emailed about a great company — Remcraft — that produces 50s and 60s style lighting — much of it near-exact replica’s of their vintage styles. (See them in the 1953 pink Formica kitchen we looked at just a few weeks ago.) Remcraft is a client of Brian’s, he is a graphic designer who himself is renovating a midcentury home. Here’s what he had to say:

Hi Pam,

Today was the first time I’d ever seen your site, and I think it’s an awesome resource.

As I mentioned, these fixtures are great because they are still made like they were in the 50’s…with some convenience and technology updates (thumbscrews versus wing nuts, and alternative energy-saving lamp options). They are usually found at lighting dealers and showrooms, and the company usually says “contact the factory for a dealer near you”. Their toll-free number is 800-327-6585, and their bullet page is here

The Swedish Modern series comes in four different sizes. The largest size retails for around $50 (one-light), $90 (two-light), and $130 (three-light).

The Classic Bullet series comes in one size, retailing for around $55 (one-light) and $100 (two-light).

The Up/Down Light retails for around $100.

retro lighting colors from RemcraftI prefer the satin aluminum finish, but several others are available – with surprisingly little impact on the price of the fixture.

Please let me know if you need more information.

Thanks! 🙂


No — Thank YOU, Brian, for this great resource, and welcome to the retroreno clan!

  1. Chuck V says:

    I intalled a couple of Remcraft cylindrical dual outdoor fixtures under my front eaves, and found them to be several steps in quality above the fixtures available at the big orange and big blue stores. The attachment mechanism to the electrical box is via a bracket and a big knurled knob as opposed to tiny screws, which makes it so much easer to attach the heavy and awkward fixture while teetering at the top of a ladder. The weatherproofing seals and drain holes also seemed to be well thought out.

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