50s bathroom design — an elegant color combo from Universal-Rundle

50s bathroom, 1956 Universal-Rundle

50s bathroom, 1956 Universal-RundleOne of the wonderful things about vintage design is that your view of what’s beautiful…becomes much more expansive. This 1956 Universal-Rundle bathroom design — especially the color combinations of kelly green, bittersweet orange, white and beige — would not be commonly seen today. But, they are just beautiful together, don’t you think?

In this bathroom, I also love the use of white tile on one wall…the separation of the dressing room, which is carpeted…the lovely sheer draperies…the gold pendant lighting…and the built-in shelving with chrome supports by the tub. And of course, the lovely use of the green and orange glassware and pottery, which makes this such an elegant space. Why not!

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