Avco American “Pioneer” Kitchen brand coppertone and wood combo — Color-styled by Beatrice West

1956 American kitchen metal kitchen

1956 American kitchen metal kitchenThis is the “trend-setting new ‘PIONEER’ by American Kitchen” – 1956 – “color styled by Beatrice West.” I find it so fascinating. It was right about this time that steel kitchen cabinets started to lose their battle against wood. But it was a slow death. And along the way they decided they’d rather switch than fight. That is, these cabinets have wooden doors…steel drawers – with a coppertone (or possibly real copper???) finish drawer cover… and all steel bodies. Kind of, the best of both worlds. Other makers, like St. Charles and Youngstown show an alternative approach — all wood on the base cabinets, all steel on the walls. I think that one of the main issues they may have been addressing was dented doors. Little Billy on his trike and all.

avco american pioneer kitchen 1956avco american pioneer kitchen 1956

The ad above notes that there were antique copper appliances to match, if you wanted up buy up:

For more elaborate kitchens, additional cabinets and accessories can be added, as well as matching antique copper appliances such as the famous American Kitchens Roto-Tray Dishwasher, the new American Kitchens Set-In Countertop Range, and the new American Kitchens Set-In Waist-High Oven. Both range and oven available in gas or electric models.

I don’t really understand whether “antique copper” means REAL copper, or coppertone.

Great kitchen also in its streaky brown floors, cool roller shades, and simple breakfast bar. And I even love the chartreuse walls / reddish coppertone / light birch color scheme.

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  1. Jahmekya Birhan says:

    My partner and I are buying a house and it looks like it has this exact kitchen. Do you think the laminate has steel under it?

  2. MamaC says:

    Holy Crap! We recently bought a 99 year old house that we are restoring and it has this EXACT kitchen in it. I mean the cabinets, the copper drawers, orange sink, countertops (BOOMERANG- LOVE) and even that funky dishwasher!!! I am so thrilled to find this ad- thank you for posting!

    Also I have been investigating and I think these drawers are real copper. Mine were gross and covered in junk but after some serious scrubbing with steel wool I got it down to a gorgeous shine!

    And the dishwasher- I thought about restoring, I think its impossible. So Im going to remove the cover and make it into a full pull out drawer. So it will still look like a dishwasher but it will be functional 🙂

    Thanks again- so happy to find this!

  3. Grizzly Bear Mom says:

    JP, is there an inconspicuous place to use copper cleaner on these items? If you try some and the items get clean, its an indiction they are copper but doesn’t make it definate.

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