Retro looking appliances – at closer to retro prices, too


In working with one reader to solve some kitchen issues, I came across this company — Summit, out of New York metro – that makes several appliances that have a real retro feel, at prices that are not so horrific as most “specialty” items like this.

summit-wall-oven.jpgFor example, their 36″ range has that second storage drawer to the left that mimics the 40″ stove so common during the 50s and 60s. The wall ovens are pretty simple, too, not all stainless steel commercial. Maybe they’d even give you chrome handles from the wall oven – to put onto the range, much better than those white plastic ones.

This company seems to specialize in smallish appliances. Take a look at their narrow refrigerators, and dishwashers. And, they have those cool all-in-one kitchen units like Dwyer, too. Sorry, I can’t vouch for the quality. When I’m next down near the city I will try to go visit. summitappliances.com summit-all-in-one-kitchen.jpg

  1. toni says:

    I still don’t see it. It doesn’t matter. CT is a really long ways from me. Just thought someone here would like to know.

  2. Natschultz says:

    Yes, the Premier small range is very retro! Also check out Avanti – very retro! Hotpoint makes a small range that can pass as well, but the oven doesn’t have a window. You can see all these stoves at http://www.ajmadison.com/b.php/Ranges/N~25+4294964458. This goes to the 24″ range section – they are the most retro looking (at really good prices).
    I was considering the Avanti if I convert the original galley kitchen into a Butler’s pantry. I was going to get the larger Premier, but I think I’m about to blow the entire kitchen budget on a red Chambers stove (I fear that will happen once I own it and it ends up being worse mechanically than it seems).

    BTW: The current kitchen the Chambers is in has a few metal cabinets and I’m thinking of offering the guy $100 for them. He doesn’t seem like a haggler, but the house (a to-die-for 1900’s house with a 1950’s addition) is about to be torn down, so maybe he’ll bite. There are only 5 base cabs, but it was the blind lazy susan that blew me away and that’s how I found this site! The kitchen is miniscule, so I’d have to start collecting more cabs for mine. Originally we were trying to go classic Mission / Shaker style to fit the original house, but there is no way we can afford that (cabinets alone cost over $30,000). So, since I already chose all Mid-Century style ceiling fans for the addition (to “modernize” the new part) I think we may go all the way!

    I showed my mother (it’s her house) pics of your kitchen and now she wants AQUA cabs too! Ironically, even though the dining room is more Craftsman, the upholstery is an awesome aqua with red floral pattern that took me years to find. The original plan was pale blue and jadeite green with walnut stained cabinets. The house was built in 1946, but it is pre-Levittown, so the style is more of what I call Craftsman-Cottage (nice woodwork, but not as elaborate as a 1920’s Bungalow). Has anyone done a Mid-Century kitchen in an earler period house? My theory is that as long as the house has actually been around during a certain period that the style can fit (like telling the story of the various eras in different rooms). My only real fear is selling the house – first re-sale value, and next I may not want to let the kitchen go if I do all this work!

  3. Mid Mod Pam says:

    Robert – thanks! These Premiers look like great options as well. That 36″ one has a nice retro feel/scale. I’ll do a formal post at some point soon. Keep your finds coming!

  4. Robert says:

    There is also http://www.premierrange.com/ and I got my 24-inch gas stove from that company. I got it through Lowe’s so that was convenient as they are in town.

    Now I am was laughed at by my neighbor as I paid like 500.00 to get that in-between size. They go 20, 24 and 30 in. I could have gotten a 30-inch for 330.00 with self-clean and all but I needed the space. Mine does have sealed burners. But my neighbor jokingly laughed at me because I am changing my house a bit and will have room for a regulation 30 inch stove. Still not gonna change it. Love that stove

    Mine is the SJK2400. Here is the link to the page


  5. leslie says:

    Thanks so much Pam! I will look at Summit in more detail when the “heat of the week” winds down at bit. Looks promising!

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