Alice’s picture perfect yellow Geneva kitchen… pink bathroom…and blue bathroom — a festival of 50s cheer

Alice\'s yellow Geneva kitchen

Alice\'s blue 50s bathroom

Alice\'s pink 50s bathroom

Sleeping Bee Alice writes:

Hello, I am a novice retrorenovator…and am loving your website.

My husband and I are leaving our modern, brand-spanking new customized kitchen for a charming 1950’s yellow Geneva kitchen in a home that we have fallen in love with. I’m having trouble thinking through the “enhancement” of the kitchen…the cabinets are in great shape and we really like the look…we have to replace the outdated wallpaper, bad flooring and yellow countertops. The fridge was gone.

I really enjoyed all the pink kitchens pictures…any such resources for yellow kitchens? (Pale, maize yellow.)

For future thought, we are also inheriting three fabulous tiled bathrooms…one pink, one blue, one aqua…will be looking here for complimentary design ideas for those as well…no gutting going on here!


No — thank you, Alice! For all the wonderful photos — and for letting us know, another sweetheart of a middle class mid-century home is being saved. Hallelujah!

Since this is already a long post, what with all the photos, you’ll get some suggestions tomorrow!

  1. MaryE says:

    I don’t know how I missed this post the first time around! My goodness, what a treasure of a home! I don’t like to cook, but even I am envious of that stainless 7 burner cooktop. And the bathrooms? Be still, my heart. Channeling Scarlett O’Hara, I can say I’m absolutely pea-green with envy.

  2. PATTICE says:

    Thank you for this web site…
    I’m half crazy as I’ve loved my lemon yellow counter tops that I have so enjoyed since I designed this kitchen from scratch..in 1982..in the upstairs kitchen in 82′ , I used the butcher block laminate and we all know where that went.. the colors are supposed to be coming back..and Lime..and turqoise are now back..!! unreal!
    This is an interior kitchen with no windows…so the under counter lights..the new can lights installed.. ( also recessed florissent lights for bright functioning light are there..)
    Am I in the dinasour age for wanting to keep the yellow? Marigold..as darker shade is only available…not the soft and gentle looking lemon yellow I originally installed..
    Maybe I should just go Almond..and be done..any ideas? I don’t want to go the granite look that will go the way of butcher block!
    any ideas…??

  3. Mooski says:

    Oh, Alice, it’s beautiful. You are one lucky lady. Good for you!

    Quick question, What is the kitchen floor like?

  4. Alice says:

    Good luck to you Stephan! I really appreciate the inquiry because I had not even noticed the floor of the bathroom until you requested more details…

  5. Palm Springs Stephan says:

    Thanks very much, Alice! Pam forwarded the photos as well. Odd sized tile, though. The small ones are not made in those dimensions today, so it will be a challenge to replicate the pattern with tile of a slightly different size! Getting the geometry to work as the tile is laid out from a center point may require a lot of tile cutting …. tedious, labor-intensive, and costly. I will send along photos when it is completed.

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