In Atlanta, Scathing Jane reports:

…I found a neat 1950s 36 inch door at a Midtown junk place… ahem materials recycler. I know folks have a hard time finding cool doors, and thought you might want to share. Its at Midtown West Building Materials on Brady Avenue in Atlanta. (404) 523-5003. Both times I found it, I had to move at least 10 more traditional doors to get to it. This is the same place that I found the Kitchenaid Dishwasher and trash compactor. I did not inquire as to price, but 50s architectural salvage is not in high-demand in Atlanta.

Oh, and she also sent a photo of a wicked cool house in her neighborhood. Round. Now I want a time capsule tour of that one! Jane, get yourself in there! Thank you, Jane!

  1. dcgrl says:

    and I forgot–we’ve got two round houses like the one Jane posted in my fair city. Although driving past them the other day (they’re on the same street), I noticed one has a recent and relatively awful 2-story addition on the back. 🙁

  2. dcgrl says:

    I went looking for a 50s style door at an architectural salvage place and was told they don’t have any and that “most people think 50s stuff is kinda tacky.” heh. I drive around the old neighborhoods in my town and wonder how crazy people would think me if I asked to buy their front door. *sigh*

  3. karmi_woolfe says:

    chriss: there are cabinets, including sink cabinet, posted on the forum right in st. louis! — or — if you find a corner base lazy susan cabinet, we can meet halfway and trade! i’m in ne ohio and have a couple of nice sinks. 🙂

  4. lelsasser says:

    Thanks so much for the doors in Atlanta! I am going to call them now as I have been looking for a door since January to no avail. I rarely find these wonderful doors in Tampa Florida as they are way undervalued, people just junk them rather than recycle. As it is almost the last thing to replace before I paint the house you may have just solved a huge roadblock to getting things moving forward again. So appreciated, thanks!!!!!!!!!

  5. chriss says:

    Wow, I keep hoping to find a neat front door like that at my Retro Renovation headquaters…the Habitat For Humanity ReStore here in St. Louis! That one is GREAT! Oh, and my favorite Junque Shoppe would have to be….mmm any one of the six major flea markets around here! I don’t really know where there are any architectural salvage places in St. Louis, except one on Cherokee St. and it’s decidedly high end. Perhaps I’ve been overlooking a great resource in my city. Time to do some research!

    BTW, speaking of the ReStore, I am the proud new owner of six lower steel cabinets and one upper steel “lazy suzan” that I liberated from the ReStore! I have no idea the maker. I still need a sink base though. I also have three 30″ upper steel cabinets that I got from Craigslist. $170 spent so far.

    Oh, and a speaking of my kitchen, big news…I’ve been contacted by the producers of the Rate My Space TV show. Seems they may want to use my kitchen as an “Inspiration Room” in an upcoming episode! Dag, I wish I was further along. Wish me luck!

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