Readers’ favorite junque shoppes: Sacramento, CA

Today – three posts — all about readers’ favorite shopping spots. LA Leslie starts:

The guy in Sacramento is named Mark Saunders (sp?) and he owns Midway Antique Mall. I am sure he would love to chat with you. His stuff is pricey b/c he is “selective” about who buys it and runs the place – at least his stuff it seems- more like a museum. We have bought several things from him, but it’s so expensive and with kids now…. www.midwayantiquemall.net…(916) 726-7175

Thank you, LAL. Readers, you know how to send me your favorite spots: pam@ …

  1. chriss says:

    We have a few of those type of shops here in St. Louis. I love that they’re here and I stop in them often, but I don’t think I’ve ever purchased anything from them! I just can’t figure out how they make any money. There is so much retro/mid century stuff for sale cheap here in St. Louis that I just can’t see why anyone would pay so much for it. For example, I paid a dollar a plate for a set (not complete, but getting there) of Franciscan Starburst dishes. One of these shops near my girlfriends home in the South Grand area charges $25 a dinner plate for this pattern! I see them go for up to about $15 – 20 on Ebay, but even that is a little much. I have a “swag light” that hangs from a chain and is an orange glass chip covered globe that I got at an estate sale for $12. They have the same one for more like $150! ::shakes head:: I guess they must sell all there stuff to people on the coasts and just ship it out.

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